Episode 11: Return to Base!

         As Explorer One pressed ever higher, David double and triple checked their height while Flynn continued to let them climb. The main engines had a fair amount of thrust, but they still weren’t even halfway to the upper levels. Explorer One continues to climb          “We’re at about forty percent fuel reserves,” Flynn said. “I’m going… Continue reading Episode 11: Return to Base!

Episode 11: Rising Tensions

Arathi Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms        Fÿnn, paladin of the Silver Hand, hero and defender of Azeroth.       The human rested now on a stone bench, his eyes heavy and the weight of the world seemingly pulling him ever lower to the ground. His hands, resting gently on his legs, were still coated with the… Continue reading Episode 11: Rising Tensions

Season 4 — Episode 11: Intermission (The Invasion Continues)

By now, Sionis Sepher had finished using his magical energy to create any new bandages. He finished the last part of his story and then gave a look to the Loremaster that signaled the latest chapter was at its close. “A fascinating piece of history,” the Loremaster said, now resting on the cot where the… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 11: Intermission (The Invasion Continues)

Season 3 — Episode 11: Intermission (Black and Bronze)

  Sionis was silent for a long time, which the Loremaster knew was a sign that they had finished for the day. He went to work on rolling up his latest scrolls and was about to thank Sionis for the latest tale when the mage stood up and stepped toward the doorway with his staff… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 11: Intermission (Black and Bronze)

Season 2 — Episode 11: Intermission (Come What May)

  Sionis Sepher leaned back in his chair, his eyes looking heavy from the weight of the memories had just recalled. The wooden chair creaked as he shifted his position and silence hung in the air long enough to tell the Loremaster that they had completed another chapter. “Did you ever see Kaellax again?” he… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 11: Intermission (Come What May)