Since 2016, I have largely focused on short stories or creative writing adventures published directly to, but years ago I fancied myself an author with an itch to publish real books. I wrote a single novel, with so many grand plans for more, and one short published adventure series, which ran through nine “issues” and were bite sized novellas.

The Hero of Hyla

“A young man finds himself wrapped up in an adventure of galactic proportions. When James Davis is taken from Earth to a new galaxy, he must quickly adapt to a new way of life while also trying to find a way back home.”

The Hero of Hyla was first published in 2014, though the genesis of the story originated many many years ago. The novel was a lot of fun to write and I learned a great deal about the publishing process along the way.

The novel remains available through almost all ebook retailers.

The Flip Side

This adventure is set many years before The Hero of Hyla. It follows the character Starla Knight as she finds herself abandoned in a mysterious world where magic and superpowers seem to be a very real thing.

  • Issue #1: Heaven Falls Down
  • Issue #2: The Gods of Deibren
  • Issue #3: Tyranny’s Hold
  • Issue #4: Turned Upside Down
  • Issue #5: Two Worlds
  • Issue #6: Converging Lens
  • Issue #7: Colliding Worlds
  • Issue #8: The Falling Sky
  • Issue #9: Destiny’s Betrayal