Episode 11: Onward to the Travelers

      The ship eventually reached the Travelers, and we stood on the precipice of destiny.

      I stepped up with the rest of the Academy members, our weapons at the ready. Our noses were assaulted with the stench of rocket fuel and and hot electronics. To my right, Iliera stood dressed in mighty Musfurin armor, her face stern and ready for combat. To my left, Fynn, the paladin, was decked in armor enhanced by luminary magic.

      Adventurers of all sorts had joined our ranks. There were warriors, Shadowspeakers, Life Benders, and Yunai hunters. Each and every one of them had come together to learn, to grow powerful, and to push back the most dangerous threat to have ever faced our World Ship.

      The armies of Azirin had come together, bound by the power of hope.

      After all these long months of chaos and darkness, we knew that there was one important fact that had become clear. Our side was winning. The Legion would not stand against the might of our forces. Now we were here, our full strength gathered together in one place. It was inspiring to see the armies lining up, organizing, preparing for the final battle.

      Before we marched, I decided to speak to the Academy members here.

      “In all my years, I have never seen such darkness,” I started, my voice booming for all to hear thanks to magical projection spells. “The Legion has arrived to push against us with all its might, and are here now to resist them. We stand now on the precipice of our greatest hour.”

      Cheers from the crowd.

      “The time has come to finish the fight that these Yunai started all those years ago. We are going to breach the Travelers, fight our way inside, and help the armies quell this invasion force before they ever have a chance to invdade!”

      More cheers. Ecstatic cheers.

      “It will not be easy, my fellow members. We will face the strongest and most powerful monsters that the Legion has sent to our world, but we have proven our strength time and time again. Nothing they throw at us will be enough to stop us from our goal. Our world will be safe once more!”

      I felt the energy flowing through the crowd. I felt it within my own body. Magical energy flowed freely through the air. The Academy of Hope had started as a small band, just a few members who sought to gain the knowledge required to defend this world. Now, they stood, a small army in their own right, ready to take down the Legion invasion.

      This was our moment.

      The Yunai had taken so much from us.

      Now… after all the fighting…. It was time to return the favor.

      “Stand with me,” I shouted. “We ride for the Travelers! Fire and Ice, Shadow and Light, the power of us all will follow! The blood of our foes will flow at our feet! Fight with me, Academy of Hope! Fight now for your loved ones, against the forces that tried to claim us! Fight now for all those who have fallen against the Legion. Ride now for freedom and honor and glory!!!”

      The swell of energy hit a peak, and I was turned Surfal again toward our destination, the members at my back. “Stop for no one,” I shouted. “Press onward to the Travelers. The time for preparation is at its end, my companions. To victory or death! There is no other road for us now!”

      My voice was drowned out by the sound of the trampling feet, the flapping of wings, and the rushing winds. The battle cries of a half dozen races as they cheered and yelled while wielding their staves, swords, and bows.

     I saw the luminary magic practically bursting from Iliera’s armor as she looked to me, the glowing energy within her eyes revealing that she was right where she wanted to be. She was here to deal judgement. She was here to stop the unstoppable.

      So with this knowledge, I held my staff high in the air and added my own battle cry to the noise. The Academy of Hope charged forward, their clamor unable to be ignored. No doubt the Legion heard them coming.

      That was good. We wanted them to know.

      WE wanted them to tremble.

To be continued…

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