Episode 11: The Wand Paradox (Intermission)

         The rain had let up long ago.

         Vestria was sitting under Sionis’ umbrella, feasting on a fish fillet that the Flamecaller had graciously cooked up for her from his fine selection of catches. The fish was white and flaky, but Vestria wished she had some seasoning to go with it.

         Of course, the fish was only the second most important thing on her mind.

         “So, I’m thinking this over,” she said, chewing on a particularly large chunk of fish meat, hoping she had successfully pulled out all of the bones. “You asked Evanor about the name of the wand, which means she probably named the wand Iliera because of you.”

         Sionis, still in his chair, shrugged casually and threw his line back in the water.

         “But, that would be a paradox, right? If you didn’t ask why she named it Iliera, she wouldn’t have named it Iliera, right? I mean, she didn’t know Iliera. They hadn’t met or anything. She heard the name once, overheard it while you talked to Fynn. That wouldn’t be enough reason to give you a wand with a hidden name.”

         “Maybe so,” Sionis said.

         “Then to think that Lady Sonea and Evanor are the same person? I mean, wow. That’s weird right. She taught you everything she knew, and she knew as she taught you exactly who you would grow up to be. That’s trippy, right. She had to know you were going to save her life later, in the frozen realm, and she couldn’t like… say anything.”

         “It was likely a difficult task,” Sionis admitted.

         “Well, okay, so that explains the name, sure, but we’re still missing a piece of the story.”

         The Flamecaller nodded.

         “I mean, we know the wand shows up again. I brought it to you, after all.”

         “That’s true.”


         “Don’t rush the story,” Sionis said, smiling.

         “Right, Keaira. I mean, you’re here now, right, so you must have figured it out. Otherwise I’d been siting with you at the Starfall Garrison and doing an interview there, you know?”

         “Perhaps in another timeline,” Sionis said, grinning. “Now, do you want me to continue the story, or would you like to talk about the potential time shattering consequences of my conversation with Evanor?”

         Vestria contemplated this longer than Sionis assumed. “I suppose we should continue. Knowing that Iliera is in the story makes me feel like we’re starting to close the gap. We’re going to finally start to see how you went from the powerful Flamecaller, to the best cook in this valley.”

         Sionis grunted.

         “I stand by what I said,” Vestrai said, chuckling. “Now come on, keep going.”

         Sionis checked his pole one more time, then used a simple fire spell to warm up the campfire. “How about you put another fish on? I think we’ve got more rain coming in and I’m not interested in heading home yet.”

         “As you wish,” she replied.

         “Good. Now… let’s see… Evanor was sent back in time, and the rest of us ended up stuck on the other World Ship… I guess it wasn’t long before we had our problem with that danged carrot.”

         “Excuse me?”

         “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough.”

         Vestria shook her head and made note of his statement. If there was going to be a piece of history surrounding an angry carrot, she honestly couldn’t wait to hear more.

To Be Continued…

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