Battle for Azeroth: What Keeps Me Playing?

Well, here we are folks. A whopping ten weeks out from the official launch of Battle for Azeroth. It feels, in some ways, like a lifetime since the new expansion dropped, but in others it feels like we just got started! "Island Expeditions. Heh! Warfronts. Heh! WoW players crave not these things!" - King Anduin (2018)… Continue reading Battle for Azeroth: What Keeps Me Playing?

WoW Challenge Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

Today we're back with another Blog Challenge from Z and Cinder! I participated in one of these challenges back in April, but haven't gotten around to doing another once since then. I hope, as we go into Battle for Azeroth, that I'll have more time to do these regularly because they're awesome!!! So, without further… Continue reading WoW Challenge Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

A Blogging Surprise – 2018 Liebster Nomination

I have been on the internet for a long time. Sometimes I am running a page over at, sometimes I am publishing my own Sci-Fi novel, or reviewing technology, or maybe just spewing glorified fan fiction from my favorite franchise. Honestly, I find blogging to be a relaxing hobby that allows me to do… Continue reading A Blogging Surprise – 2018 Liebster Nomination