Episode 12: Disaster on the Front Lines

       Six days had passed since the Horde moved against the Night Elves in Ashenvale. As the forest burned in Kalimdor, no one could escape the smell of smoke, no matter where they went the ash and burning debris was sure to follow.        Astranaar had already fallen. Countless Night Elves… Continue reading Episode 12: Disaster on the Front Lines

Episode 11: Rising Tensions

Arathi Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms        Fÿnn, paladin of the Silver Hand, hero and defender of Azeroth.       The human rested now on a stone bench, his eyes heavy and the weight of the world seemingly pulling him ever lower to the ground. His hands, resting gently on his legs, were still coated with the… Continue reading Episode 11: Rising Tensions

Episode 10: Unexpected Divergence

       The hustle and bustle of the tavern in Booty Bay was surprising. It had been ages since Sionis Sepher had made his way to Stranglethorn Vale, but the trip had not disappointed him so far. This place was a hive of pirates, adventurers, scoundrels, and any other shady suspects you might find… Continue reading Episode 10: Unexpected Divergence

Episode 8: Frost, Fire, and Holy Wrath

       There was a brief moment of silence in the small room of the Stormwind inn. Sionis Sepher, fire mage of Stormwind, stood with Iliera at his side. He was dressed in an ornate dress, Pandaren in origin, and he looked… confident.        “Who do we have here?” the Enchantress asked.… Continue reading Episode 8: Frost, Fire, and Holy Wrath

A Static World Does Not Fun Create

Repetition doesn't create memories. New Experiences do.-Brian Cheskey Four months ago, the World of Warcraft released its latest expansion. A few months later, the game turned fourteen years old.  Six months ago, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hit theaters worldwide. That same month, the franchise turned twenty-five years old. Three months ago, Doctor Who released its eleventh season. Earlier this year, in… Continue reading A Static World Does Not Fun Create

Episode 7: The Enchantress Revealed

       Iliera stood beside the unconscious Fÿnn while, slowly, Syanna waved her hands around an arcane spell floating in the air. Over the years, Syanna had proven to be an invaluable ally to Iliera, not just as a member of the Remnants, but as a trusted personal friend. Syanna had dealt with eons… Continue reading Episode 7: The Enchantress Revealed