Hey everyone.

Remember early 2021, when I made this awesome post talking about all the cool stuff I was going to produce and have on my website?! Wow. That was a cool moment that definitely, and quite spectacularly, blew up in my face.

Instead of doing all of the things I talked about. I did almost none of it.

I have a good excuse explanation!

Less than a week after making that post, @technicolormommy and I decided we wanted to buy a new home. We’ve had our extended family coming to visit more as of late, and with our second child joining the crew, our space was becoming less available.

This was a self-inflicted wound, and it was a big change for the family. The experience was a bit of whirlwind, with us deciding we wanted to buy, selling our home, and buying the new place, including listing, moving, storage, closing, etc. all happening between February 1 and March 26th!!!

On top of that, the new normal of the post-pandemic world has started to take on some clarity. @technicolormommy started back at the office, our son started day care, and our daughter remains at home with Grandma while we juggle the usual home responsibilities.

Needless to say, the effort to settle into the new place once we had moved was another challenge that impacted our schedules, with shopping for blinds, new furniture, back yard shenanigans, and whatnot. Then there’s figuring out exactly where everything fits in this new place!

The TL:DR here is this: things got super busy in all the ways that stopped me from implementing my big new year plans for

The good news is that for the first time since January 19th, I’m sitting here at my computer with a small window of time to type up this post.

And, while the customer facing content has been lacking, I did spend a lot of my evenings doing actual creative writing, and I’m happy to say that I’ve drafted almost all of season six of Township!

I haven’t worked on my ebook compilation yet. I have plans and ideas, but all back burner at this time.

In fact, right now, the highest priority for the site is getting both Township: Beginnings and Township: Season Six through production and on the schedule to publish online.

I still want to talk LEGO. I still want to review Star Wars: High Republic books. That will definitely happen, but I’m admitting that it’ll only happen if I find the time, and finding time is proving to be more difficult than I expected.

Oh, I might talk a little bit about video games too… maybe… if I’m not too busy playing them!

Yeesh. There I go again.

Let’s all take a step back, breathe in the new normal from our now vaccinated lungs, and figure out where we’re going to end up by the end of the year.

Stay tuned, and thanks for those that come back to this outdated landscape!

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