Where Have You Been!?


Time rolled on faster than I anticipated. The end of 2020, coupled with my return to work from paternity leave, ended up hitting a lot harder than I had originally anticipated.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t been writing, or building LEGO sets, but man I have had a lot less time to fit everything into my schedule.

There have been a lot of changes, some exciting developments, and lots of things that I want to talk about, but finding the time to simply sit and do all that has been wildly difficult!

That being said, we’ve got a few great projects lined up for the first half of 2020 that I am thrilled to reveal now!!!

TechnicoolDad’s Reviews

A Galaxy Far Far Away just got bigger!

One of the most exciting things about 2021 for me is the release of the new High Republic era of Star Wars. The era is kicked off with numerous books, comics, and eventually even a TV show!

This is going to be the first new era of Star Wars that I get to partake in as it unfolds. My entry into the EU was late into the 2000’s so I spent most of my time catching up on older stories rather than picking something up on release day.

I plan to review each new novel in The High Republic series as they release, with as little spoiler information as possible, and each novel will receive a rating from 1 to 5 Death Stars, depending on how good I felt they were.

Hopefully this will be a fun project, and I’m honestly just looking forward to reading a bunch of new Star Wars stories!

New Township Episodes

New episodes coming!!!

The newest project in my creative writing lineup is a new story aboard World Ship 3609. While the story fits between season five and the upcoming season six of Township, it is a side project that isn’t necessarily tied to a specific season. Think of it more like an extended holiday special.

The story will delve into the history of Anton Mertens, the World Ship’s own origins, and how everything came together to put the events in motion that we saw play out during the fifth season. It will be more exposition and less action than we recently saw, but hopefully it’ll help tie together some of the plot points that were left a bit nebulous before.

The episodes are mostly written, so then it’ll be up to the practical side of things, building sets and taking photos, which is an exciting project!!!


Staying apprised of the LEGO situation.

Star Wars, Creative Writing, and this weird Venn diagram comes together with my interest in posting and staying on top of all the latest LEGO news. The new announcements, new collaborations, whatever it is, I’m going to try to bring you that information this year. My goal is two-fold on this one. One, Township has become a story framed entirely by LEGO bricks. Fans of LEGO may find themselves enjoying the story just because of the photography involved. Meanwhile, more viewers coming in might find they genuinely enjoy the stories I have created, and who knows where we might end up!

If you’re here for my other work, and not really interested in LEGOs or Star Wars, don’t worry. Township will still get plenty of new episodes this year, and I continue to be thankful that any readers have given me their time.

On that note, I want to announce one more project that I hope to see happen this year…

TownShip: The Complete First Season (eBook)

eBook Township!?

In one more exciting twist, I am currently attempting to migrate the first season of Township to an epub format so that I can distribute it to a wide variety of publishers.

This project is very much in its early stages. I consider it to be a passion project at this time, and not something I can dedicate a lot of time toward in the short term. There are additional questions, such as including images that help flesh out the story, and I don’t have all the answers yet. That’s still to come.

I am looking forward to sharing more at the new year progresses.

So much news!

So much content!

I am excited for the year ahead, even if it’s going to be a crazy wild ride with unexpected twists and turns. 2020 taught me that I shouldn’t plan big, so I’ve compartmentalized these initiatives so that they can have their priorities shifted at a moment’s notice. In that way, I hope to keep content flowing, even if my schedule gets shifted by unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around and continued to peek at my works. I am thankful for feedback and support, and I will keep on creating. Talk to you all again soon!

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