A New Week Begins!

It has been a bizarre few months, with the end to one year and beginning of the next. Honestly, it's all blurred together for me so much, what with the holiday vacation, followed by a not so holiday leave of absence with my surgery! Last week I published the first episode (New Arrival) of my… Continue reading A New Week Begins!

Episode 1: New Arrival

      Jonathan Davis woke in a panic.       He was certain that cold water had just been poured over his face, but he lifted his hands to discover that he was completely dry. His head was pounding and his heart was racing. It felt like he had been given a massive dose of sugar and shaken up… Continue reading Episode 1: New Arrival

Episode 15: Flames of Vengeance Pt. 3

       Iliera made a straight shot at the undead warlock who now haunted the Remnants. She didn’t know anything about this fiend. She didn’t know why or how they had gotten so tied up in a feud with an organization that she’d never even heard of before, but she knew evil when she… Continue reading Episode 15: Flames of Vengeance Pt. 3

Episode 13: Flames of Vengeance Pt. 1

       Fire lit the night sky as the last of the sunlight faded from view. The village of Lor’denel, once a calm and peaceful hub, was now thrown into the path of war. As several Alliance ships started to throw their lines from the nearby dock, more escaping row boats were being pushed… Continue reading Episode 13: Flames of Vengeance Pt. 1