Episode 12: Election Day

         Jonathan Davis was excited.          Today was a monumentally significant day for the town. After roughly three years of operating as a somewhat successful collective commune, the citizens were about to establish their own form of government!          Rayland Walsh was riding high on his perceived victory. Almost everyone favored the long time town supporter over the … Continue reading Episode 12: Election Day

Episode 11: Return to Base!

         As Explorer One pressed ever higher, David double and triple checked their height while Flynn continued to let them climb. The main engines had a fair amount of thrust, but they still weren’t even halfway to the upper levels. Explorer One continues to climb          “We’re at about forty percent fuel reserves,” Flynn said. “I’m going … Continue reading Episode 11: Return to Base!

Episode 10: Explorer One Go!

         “Flynn Brickshelm, reporting in.”          “David Nash, reporting in.”          Their voices were calm and steady, despite the fact that they were currently strapped inside one of the most dangerous vehicles ever assembled. John was sitting in the back corner of what had been officially dubbed Mission Control. It was a collection of computers from various parts … Continue reading Episode 10: Explorer One Go!