Parenthood: Three Years Gone By

I spend a lot of my time on this website with creative writing. I talk about LEGOs, video games, and sometimes PC building.

I don’t spend a lot of time on personal life, though I have a handful of posts that I like to use to recall events that had big impacts on my life.

The birth of our daughter was one such event.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember my world before my little girl was here.

The truth is, the past ceased to exist.

There is only now and here. These days, weeks, and months that come and go in a rhythmic fashion as she continues to grow up right before my very eyes.

She turned 3 last week.

She’s 3 years old.

It all moves so fast. They tell you that time slips away… that they’ll be grown up before you know it.

This is a short post. I have been strangely busier than usual in the last few weeks and my family and friends have been the epicenter of the business. I wouldn’t change it for the world, even if it means I don’t get to write as much as I would like, or maybe not sleep as much as I should…

As far as updates? My goal is to post the season premiere of The Township Season 3 on Monday September 23, 2019. The season will post, uninterrupted, for twelve weeks, leading to the finale during the Christmas Holiday! So, put the hype train on the tracks and let’s start rolling!!!

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