Parenthood: Photos of Nature

When our daughter turned three, we were gifted a cute kid’s camera by grandma and pa. Until this point, our little one had been running around snapping shots with fake cameras and smartphones alike, yelling “Click!” and “Cheese!” whenever she pressed the button to take her imaginary shots.

Needless to say, having the real thing was a game changer for her.

As I’m busy working away at Season 3 of Township, I won’t be taking up a lot of space typing here, but I wanted to post a gallery with a few of the shots our daughter achieved with her new toy.

There’s no doubt a lot of this is defined as “grocery bag in the wind” art. Our young one hasn’t exactly been trained on exposure and lighting just yet, but she had a great time on our nature walk through the yard and I enjoyed watching her find new things to capture with her camera.

Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised with how much she had enjoyed the camera. If you have a young one and you’re on the market for something similar I give it a solid rating!

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