Lights! Camera! Freeze!

Season Two Finale

Recently we released the shocking finale of season two for The Township. Our humble citizens were exposed to a powerful revelation about the world they call home and, as Olivia or John might say, the reality “bubble” was popped by the arrival of the massive vessel from the upper levels.

When I first started developing the story idea for The Township, I had already picked up the Space Shuttle Explorer (31066-1) LEGO set and I knew I wanted the citizens of our town to expand beyond the downtown street and further into the world ship that houses their population.

The question I had, initially, was deciding what they might find out there on their missions. Animals? Buildings? People?!

The exciting part of this story is that… well… anything is possible.

It’s clear the the world ship is constructed. The citizens are living within a vessel that was prepared. Who built it, or why, remain completely unknown, but little details remind us that there is more going on here than a simple town.

In January of this year, as I was finishing up my drafts for Season Two, I was thrilled by the idea of resurrecting my childhood memories to incorporate into the story. Namely, the Aquazone theme LEGO sets produced in the 90s.

As a child I had almost all of the Aquanauts and most of the Aquasharks too. When I got into this LEGO themed story, I realized I could actually bring some of those playtime stories of my youth to life!

20 Years of LEGO in one shot!

From Season Two, I think my favorite photo is where the citizens look down from the town buildings while a massive vehicle flies through the street on its way to Town Hall. The focus is on the characters of our story, while this large vessel looms blurry and unknown in the background.

The next season of The Township will be heavily impacted by the mysterious arrival, on top of the tension already building from the loss of Explorer One, and our citizens are going to have to ask some tough questions about safety, security, and leadership…

Wait… did I say… SEASON THREE???

Season Three!

That’s right. We’re in full production on Season Three and I am eager to schedule it so that we can have it released before the conclusion of 2019. That means we will definitely call this the “YEAR OF LEGO” at

The good news is the season’s episodes are drafted. From there, they’re reviewed by our valuable beta reader (TechnicolorMom), and then we start scoping out sets and locations for “shooting” the season.

In all honesty, the new season is set to include more sets than Season One and Two combined! I am definitely excited to put my nose to the grindstone and finish production so that we can get a launch date and bring you more exciting news about the upcoming story.

Getting Social

In the meantime, I have also booted up an Instagram account to live with the existing Twitter account. I am leaning on TechnicolorMom for this one, as I have largely removed myself from social media in recent years. We hope to use the account to share upcoming teasers and more looks behind the bricks as we develop Season Three.

Thank you to each and every individual that has visited, read, or even passively encouraged me on this project. In the last five years, my creative writing has been very slow moving, and The Township has been a passion project that has really revived this excitement to develop and share stories with anyone willing to listen.

You are all appreciated. Very much.

Now, I’m going to get back to work on Season Three!!!

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