Parenthood: Family Cooking

Food and Family

When the wife and I first had our child, food didn’t really change all that much. We continued to get whatever we fancied, be it snacks, meals, or something in between.


The older Jaina got, the more we realized we weren’t going to be able to maintain this trajectory for long.

She was getting teeth, eating fruits and veggies, and soon enough she wanted whatever was on our plate, which made us feel a little more guilty about greasy fried food since we didn’t want to share it with her.

So that’s when we decided it was time to start cookin’.

It started simple enough. Some eggs on the weekend, or muffins that we could bake up and eat warm out of the oven.

Shake and Bake was next. Fresh chicken with some mac and cheese.

As she got a little older, we were able to start ordering off the menu at restaurants and sharing with her a little bit. Moving her to whole milk was a huge boon to it all as well, since we can have a ready supply of that for her whenever we eat.


I started messing around with frozen family casseroles, and then fresh casseroles too. Pasta has been a big winner so far. Cooking up a sauce, throwing some garlic bread in the oven, and boiling some delicious ravioli or other noodles has worked out really well.

I’ve also become quite adept at roasting asparagus and the wife is able to bake some delicious brussels sprouts that I would have never considered eating before.

As the wife and I continue to juggle responsibilities, cooking has become one of the least burdensome ones for me. Timing is probably the most important thing right now, as we have to line up that warm plate of food with getting out of work, going to the grocery store, getting baby from daycare, etc.

While I’m not professional chef, I hope that I’m able to continue putting together meals for the family and that we all continue to have the opportunity to gather together, be it around the dinner table or the kitchen counter. If the clocks align, it’s great to be able to sit down and enjoy some food together.




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