Episode 9: The Architect

         In the time since Olivia had been granted the cinema, her team had gone to work transferring computers, monitors, radios, and anything else that might be helpful in executing the upcoming exploration mission. As she was busy bundling one of the last runs of data cables, she paused to tie back her black hair in… Continue reading Episode 9: The Architect

Season 4 — Episode 9: The Siege of Theramore

It turned out that the Kul Tiras navy had some magic users as well. They must have put protective barriers on the the jail cell because when I tried to use my magic to break us out I rebounded the spell right back into my body. It hurt a fair amount, but since I was… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 9: The Siege of Theramore

Season 3 — Episode 9: The Fall of Lordaeron

  I spent the better part of the week thinking over what Angus had said about the expedition and about what Sonea had told me when she said that the plague wasn’t over. I had initially brought up the expedition to Sonea, but she had been tight lipped on any advice of what I should… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 9: The Fall of Lordaeron

Season 2 — Episode 9: Home Sweet Home?

  The weeks following the incident in Grand Hamlet were rather difficult for me. I was met with a lot of mixed emotions. After all, Varan Bell had just wanted payment for his work. I imagine that many of the Defias Brotherhood simply wanted credit for their efforts, but their desire for recognition was leading… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 9: Home Sweet Home?