Episode 9: The Second Day (Intermission)

The Pandaren town of Halfhill.

      “You’re late,” Sionis said, already looking dirty as he stood at the edge of the crops and looked over the Loremaster.

      “I’m aware,” he said, trying to mask his exhaustion. “I stayed up too late.”

      “No kidding,” Sionis said with a chuckle. “Come on, you can dig some rows.”


      “What do you want me to call you?” Sionis asked as he walked him to an empty area of the farm. “I can’t just call you Loremaster all the time. You do still have a name, right?”

      “We don’t use it,” he replied.

      “So don’t use it. That doesn’t mean I can’t use it.”

      The Loremaster smiled. “Sure, I guess.”

      “So what is it?”

      “My mother called me Aier.”

      “That’s a good name. Alright, Aier. Let’s do some farming.”

      The Loremaster’s father had been a farmer. He was a big man, with arms like trees and the ability to cleave a tree in half with a single swipe. When he was growing up, his dad was his greatest inspiration. He was going to be like him, just like him, when he became an adult.

      The problem was, he never quite had his father’s build.

      He was frail, and his power came the magics of Azeroth rather than the muscles of his body. His mother was proud of his abilities, but his father was never a fan. The farm, and all the things about it, became rather depressing in his mind.

      He hid himself away in books, which put him on the path to becoming a Loremaster.

      So, he owed his father that, he figured.

      “You are not great at this,” Sionis Sepher’s voice ripped him from his silent reverie.

      “I know,” he grumbled in response. “Thanks for reminding me.”

      “Ouch. Sore subject?”

      “Let’s just say farming and I don’t get along.”

      Sionis nodded slowly. “You could have mentioned that before you made a deal to work on a farm in exchange for a story.”

      “I wasn’t quite thinking it through,” the Loremaster said.

      “Alright, I think we can stop working the land for now. How about we get some lunch and I’ll let you take some notes. After that I can send you to the market to pick up ingredients I need for a meal I want to make this week.”

      “So I’ll be an errand boy then?” the Loremaster asked sarcastically.

      “Oh no,” Sionis replied. “You’re going to work on the farm. I’m just giving you a break.”

      The Loremaster’s heard sank. “Right.”

      “Come on then,” Sionis added. “Time is burning.”

      Inside the hut, Sionis went to work chopping some veggies and spinning up some conjured bread. The Loremaster quickly pulled out all of his notes and tapped his magical quill to get it working.

      “So, you mentioned an Uncle,” he started as he rolled out his latest scrolled. “I was looking over the family tree, right, and I didn’t see anyone named Maron on it, at least not on the older ones. Later on, like on this one, it shows up on there…”

      “You stayed up looking at this instead of preparing for work?” Sionis asked.

      “Not exactly.”

      “Do you want me to talk about my family tree or keep going with the story that I was telling you last night? If we’re going to be jumping around I’m not sure how well I can keep my thoughts together, you know?”

      “No, of course, I understand. Please, start off right where you stopped last night.”

      Sionis thought about this for a few minutes and then nodded and took a big bite of his bread. “Alright, so we talked about being a child, and how I met Lady Sonea. We got me all the way to Stormwind, right? Yeah, because you want to know about my Uncle. I’ll talk about him soon enough, but I think I need to talk about someone else first. She is probably one of the most important introductions in my life, you see, and I met her that day when I got to Stormwind. She was one of the greatest assets, and simultaneously, the heaviest burdens I’ve ever dealt with in my life… let’s talk about Kaellax.”


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