Season 2 — Episode 1: Getting Up to Speed


It was always dark in Shadowmoon Valley, or at least it seemed that way. In other areas of Draenor the skies had beautiful sunlight and dark nights, but this place was always the same pale light no matter the hour. There were some who found the lack of daylight majestic, or at least comfortable, but for the Loremaster it was rather dreadful.

He was forced to turn to the aid of a mage who might provide him with magical light, or worse, he might have to deal with candlelight when he tried to write. It was tedious and it made his eyes hurt, but his writing had never been so important in his life.

The Loremaster was busy writing spells now, rather than history. He was constantly coming up with new magical incantations to deal with the unique poisons and curses that were being thrown at them by these Iron Horde remnants. It was tiresome work, but the time to cash in was finally coming.

Sionis Sepher and his team had just arrived at Lunarfall and they was a cheerful tone to their reports. The war was over, the remnants were surrendering of their own accord and casualties were finally slowing.

“Bring the horses around for water,” the mage shouted as he approached the Lunarfall Inn where the Loremaster was finishing his latest work.

Behind Sionis Sepher was Iliera Sepher, the Draenai Paladin who led the Alliance Draenai forces here in Shadowmoon Valley. She marched with a powerful axe and determined look on her face.

“Come on inside you two,” the innkeeper said cheerfully. “We have blankets, baths, and food for everyone. You’re likely very tired and hungry.”

“That’s the truth,” Sionis replied.

The next few hours were chaos in the Inn. Food and wine were passed around as dozens of soldiers sought the fulfillment of food that they had not had while on their expedition.

When things finally started to quiet down, the Loremaster took a moment to grab a bite of food and took a seat at a vacant table in the corner. As he took a big bite of bread, he was surprised to see Sionis appear from around a nearby corner.

“Ah, you took the last quiet spot,” the mage said with a half-grin. “Too bad.”

“That’s okay,” the Loremaster replied. “Come here and sit with me.”

“Good man,” Sionis said, marching over and collapsing with his back against the wall.

“Are you injured at all?” the Loremaster asked. “I didn’t see you come through the infirmary.”

“I’m fine,” the mage replied. “A few burns here or there, but having a paladin for a spouse keeps you safer than you might think.”

“I imagine it might,” the Loremaster replied.

There was a long moment of silence between the two, but then the Loremaster determined that he would have to try and seize this opportunity.

“You know, I haven’t had a chance to sit with you in some time,” he started carefully. “I still have many questions for you. I’m interested to hear about your Uncle and your time in Stormwind.”

“Demons and chaos all around, but you still want my story?” Sionis asked. “I’m impressed.”

“I know you’re terribly busy, but I just thought—”

“No need to explain,” Sionis said, patting the man on the shoulder. “You’re a Loremaster. You’re a really good one too. If you want more of my story then I will share it with you.”

The Loremaster smiled and happily accepted. “When shall we begin?”

Sionis pursed his lips and then looked around. “I’m fed, I’m bathed, and I’m certainly not tired. I can get started right now if you’d like?”

The Loremaster gave a firm nod. “Yes, please. Let’s start right where you left off, shall we?”

Sionis thought about this and then gave a quick stretch and settled himself in a more relaxed position. “Yes, of course, we covered my childhood up to my arrival in Stormwind… I’ll tell you of my Uncle soon enough, but first we need to discuss the introduction of another individual I met in Stormwind that day; a woman that would be prove to be both a great asset and a horrible burden to my life…”


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