Episode 9: Revelation

Tabitha’s Cabin is a hotspot destination for young mages.

         When we appeared inside of Tabitha’s cabin, there was already a warm cup of tea for each of us, streaming and ready to drink. I took a seat at the wooden table and allowed myself to relax, just a bit.

        My throat was parched from riding all day, but the tea was the last thing on my mind.

        “I need answers, Evanor. Now.”

        “Fine,” Evanor said. “Our timeline is fractured.”

        “I’m aware of that,” I replied. “I’m currently fighting a war against the warlords that killed my parents on a planet in a pocket alternate dimension. Of course the timeline is fractured. It’s been ripped wide open!”

        “Nozdormu saw this coming,” Evanor continued. “He has worked behind the scenes for years not, preparing a plan that might help us prevent the timeline from collapsing, but time is running out and now some thing appears to be undoing this work.”

        That information was new. “What do you mean?” I asked.

        “Well, about four years ago—”

        “I know about Nozdormu’s plan,” I said, cutting her off. “I died after the Cataclysm, or at least I would have if not for the bronze dragon. I’m not apprised on the other part, the some thing that is undoing our work.”

        “I see.”

        “How did you learn about Nozdormu’s plan?” I pressed.

        Evanor cast her gaze downward, then sighed and met my eyes. “During the events of the Cataclysm, I was meditating in the twisting nether. The destruction that ripped across Azeroth reverberated through my mind, shattering my thoughts and consciousness as the world itself was shattered. It drove me mad, Sionis. I could no longer thing straight. I heard voices and saw visions of darkness and corruption. I had completely lost myself. I… I wanted to die. So, I marched to a high cliff and prepared to jump.”

        “Then Nozdormu stopped you?” I asked.

        “He pulled me from the flow of time, quieted the voices, pieced me back together, and reforged my being. He told me my story was not meant to end here. He said… I had to survive, not just for the cataclysm, but for the future yet unseen.”

        “What does that mean?”

        “I don’t know,” she said, smiling. “He saved me, though, so I dedicated myself to fulfilling his plan. I sought out and recruited anyone I could. I didn’t realize at the time you were doing the same, but I’m glad to know it now.”

        “I’m glad too,” I said. “But, what is it that works against us now?”

        “We’ve been calling it the darkness,” she explained. “We’re not sure what it is, exactly, but we know it exists as energy, and it appears to be hunting anyone who doesn’t belong.”

        “You mean people that Nozdormu saved?”

        “Them, and the people that they saved, and so on.”

        “That’s potentially thousands of people!”

        “None of whom are truly meant to be alive,” she added. “This darkness… it seems to be correcting Nozdormu’s work. To what extent I cannot say, but there are people that need help, and I have been looking for a solution. You helped me find it.”

        “What solution?”

        “It seems that this entity, whatever it might be, cannot reach the alternate reality where you now reside. If we could round up the others like ourselves, we could see refuge on Draenor. We could escape our demise.”

        “Can we fight this entity?” I asked.

        “We can, and I have done so numerous time,” Evanor replied. “Kaellax too. Most of the time it appears to possess living beings. In any case, if we defeat it, the entity simply retreats and assaults us again later. We can’t keep up our guard all of the time.”

        “Okay,” I said, slapping my hand on the table. “I’ll help. Between the two of us I’m confident we can scrounge up enough energy to open a portal back to Draenor. How do we find and gather up the other timeline survivors?”

        “I don’t know,” Evanor shrugged.

        “I know someone who does,” Kaellax spoke up. “He’s big. He’s bronze…”

        I nodded in agreement. “It’s time we pay our old friend a visit.”

        “Uh,” the young paladin said, leaning in to the others. “Where are we going, exactly?”

        “The Caverns of Time,” I said, my voice firm. “To speak with Nozdormu!”

To Be Continued…

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