A Moment of Honor

This one is brief.

This one is because I care.

Henceforth, I shall refer to my beloved as Dr. TechnicolorMom on this blog.

I can say that I stand in appreciation of the work and effort that my wife put into her education, her career planning, and her own personal development.

She earned the title, and she should wear it with pride, and I will display it likewise.

That sentiment goes to all who have received their Doctorates from accredited education.

Seriously. This isn’t even a debate.

First people refuse to call Biden the President-Elect, now they won’t call Jill Biden Doctor?

Absurd. I won’t hear any more about it. If I had to recognize Donald Trump as President of the United State for four years, others can honor the titles bestowed upon those they don’t like too.

*AHEM*. That is all. Now, get excited for Day 14 of the LEGO Advent… I’m hoping it’ll be awesome.

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