Episode 6: A Magical Missive

The Lunarfall Inn, located on Draenor.


The darkness is coming. Stay safe and out of sight. This missive contains a magical link to my location. Use it. We’ll talk soon.

Your friend,


         The letter slipped out of a dark portal, no bigger than my hand, and landed atop the table where I was eating my late morning brunch. I flipped it open, and I was immidiately confused. I read it once. I read it again. I hadn’t heard from Kaellax in years. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure she was still alive, yet here it was…

         We were just one day out from our assault on Backrock Foundry.

         I heard the sound of metal armor and turned to see Iliera stepping inside the inn’s tavern. She looked as determined as always, but when she saw me, her face warmed and she offered me a smile. She posed for me, and I realized she was wearing her new armor, crafted by the finest blacksmiths in Embaari Village. It was made of metal and jewels that had been passed down through her family since they had abandoned their home world of Argus millennia ago. It was a great pride for her to wear it now as she fought to save Draenor from the Iron Horde.

         “How does it look?” she asked. “Will I strike fear into the hearts of my enemies?”

         “They won’t know what hit them,” I replied.

         “I assume you will wear your standard battle armor?” she asked.

         I thought of my old red regalia, and I wondered if I might retire it for something more modern, but honestly my wardrobe wasn’t the most important thing on my mind right now.

         Iliera seemed to detect that. Her smile faded and she came to my table. “What is it?”

         “An unexpected call from an old friend,” I said. “I’m not sure what to do about it.”

         The draenei scanned over the letter, looking at it carefully for a long moment, then handing it back to me with a confused look. “You must go.”


         “She is an old friend?”

         I nodded. “She was.”

         “Do you know of this darkness she speaks about?”

         “I don’t.”

         Iliera frowned. “Yes. You must go.”

         “Crossing back through time and space isn’t easy,” I warned. “It’s possible if I go home I might not be able to get back here.”

         “Shall I come with you?” she asked.

         “And give up your opportunity to make Blackhand pay? I wouldn’t dream of it.”

         “If you return fast enough we can still make him pay… together.”

         I nodded. “Then let us hope for a fast resolution.”

         I made my way to the stable, found Surfal, and climbed atop the horse. He bucked ever so slightly, still uncomfortable in his new metallic prison, but I soothed the creature for a moment and then held the missive and activated the magic within. It began to spark and shake, and I felt the arcane magic of a teleportation spell pulling me in. I held my horse close, and we zipped through the portal with me realizing I had no idea where I’d end up.

The Alliance base known as Fort Triumph in the Sothern Barrens.

         The arid winds of the Southern Barrens were unmistakable.

         I was just outside of an Alliance encampment, so I spurred Surfal on and we headed there right away.

         “Welcome to Fort Triumph, hero,” a young soldier greeted me as I approached. “That’s a mighty fine looking… animal you got there. Is that a machine?”

         “Long story,” I replied. “I’m looking for someone named Kaellax.”

         “Check the inn,” the soldier replied. “Everyone passes through there.”


         I made my way past two crumbling stone towers and realized the fort wasn’t as triumphant as the name suggested. I recognized some old Theramore flags still flying high above, completely tattered now, and I momentarily thought of my past.

         The inn wasn’t in the worst shape, so I headed inside, and what I found there was almost shocking. The interior of the place was spotless. The wood floors were polished to a shine, and the air was cool, too cool to be natural. A beautiful blue fire burned in the fireplace, emitting a frosty air rather than heat. I was impressed, to be sure, but even a nice frost-fire hearth couldn’t distract me from my main mission.

         “You there at the entrance, you a magic user?” a voice asked.

         I looked up to see the bartender, a welcoming old man, smiling right at me. “Come on in and have a drink, will you?” he asked. “I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of people come through here lately.”

         I stepped over to the bar, not wanting to seem unkind. “What are you serving?”

         “Firewater,” the bartender replied. “It’s crafted by the Tauren folk. It’s damn strong.”

         “Thanks,” I replied with a grin. “Maybe just a water for me.”

         “Ah, well if you want to be boring, I suppose.”

         Taking the glass of water, I leaned back in my chair and looked around. There were a few patrons, but none of them looked like my old friend. I glanced at the bartender, and he was just happily wiping glasses. “How’d you get the frost-fire?”

         “A buddy of mine keeps it going,” the bartender replied.

         “It’s impressive.”

         “I think so too.”

         “You been here long?”

         “Longer than most,” the bartender replied. “I helped establish Fort Triumph.”

         “Good to hear. I’m looking for someone…”

         “I know a lot of people,” the bartender replied bluntly. “I’m not keen to sell them out.”

         “Oh, it’s nothing like that,” I assured him. “I’m looking for a woman named Kaellax.”

         The bartender stopped what he was doing and looked me over for a moment. I could tell that his opinion of me had turned negative in the blink of an eye. “Why?”

         “She asked for my help,” I answered.

         “Aye, I know her. She and her paladin friend got up to a few shenanigans out here.”

         “Are they still here?”

         “Just passed through yesterday,” he said. “The pair went down to work on some kind of archaeologist project if I’m recalling correctly. They were always on about old Titan technology and stuff like that.”

         “Do you know where that might be?”

         “South of here,” he answered. “There was some ancient city, something like Bael Modan or whatever. The dwarves were all about it.”

         I was in luck. I had visited Bael Modan once, years and years ago. I thanked the bartender and started to head out of the inn, but then I twisted back and asked him one last question. “The paladin. What was their name?”

         “Fynn,” the bartender replied.

         I nodded, thanked him again, and headed out.

         I still wasn’t sure what to make of Kaellax’s letter, but the name Fynn rang a bell. After my “incident” during the cataclysm, Christine and I went to work on helping others. I saved her life not long after I was rescued by Nozdormu, and then she went on to save others. It was the ripple effect that the dragon had told me about… all part of the plan to help ward off the Iron Horde long before they arrived.

         Fynn had been a young paladin recruited by Christine during the Pandaria campaign. He stayed to train with her, opting out of a trip home to Theramore. As a result, he missed the devastating destruction of the city, and the rippled continued.

         It was starting to sound like Nozdormu’s plan had something to do with Kaellax’s letter.

         Of course, the only way to find out the truth to any of this would be to find Kaellax and have her explain it in person. I gathered my things and climbed back on Surfal, fairly certain that Bael Modan was only a half day ride to the south. With any luck, I would be asking my old friend about her mysterious missive by dinnertime.

         As I pulled on Surfal’s reins, I couldn’t help wonder if I had made a mistake when I told Iliera to remain on Draenor.

To Be Continued…

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