Episode 6: We the People

         The readings were nominal.          “Okay,” Flynn Briskhelm said, slowly lowering a small scraping tool into place. “Go ahead and bring us around just one degree.”          There was a deep vibration in the metal beneath Flynn’s feet as the large exploration vessel nudged ever closer to the walls. It was slightly unnerving, and Flynn checked his… Continue reading Episode 6: We the People

Episode 6: A Whale of a Tale (Pt. 2)

       Iliera burst through the surface of the water and nearly cleared ten feet of air. Below her, a small whale was trying to escape her clutches, having successfully thrown her from it’s back moments before.        It squealed in panic and Iliera honestly felt terrible that she was wrestling the… Continue reading Episode 6: A Whale of a Tale (Pt. 2)

Season 4 — Episode 6: Intermission (A Remnant of Theramore)

  The tent was quiet for the moment. The last screaming patient had been carried out, and a new one hadn’t been brought in yet. Sionis’ pause lasted longer than usual, which prompted the Loremaster to stop preparing bandages and glance up at the mage. “You can keep going,” he said. “I don’t mind.” “Not… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 6: Intermission (A Remnant of Theramore)

Season 3 — Episode 6: The Beginning of the End

  I spent the rest of the summer wallowing over my lost wand. It was stupid, of course, up until this point I had not once used it. Sonea had given it to me so long ago and I’d kept it boxed up and hidden away. I never took to wands in the first place,… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 6: The Beginning of the End

Season 2 — Episode 6: A Grand Rejection

The day I turned sixteen was the day I pitched the idea for fire lessons. In the third year of studying with the Kirin Tor, I was now able to apply for additional studies in magical arts. I knew I was in for resistance, but what I got was something far more annoying. Full rejection.… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 6: A Grand Rejection