Content Schedule Update

Hey everyone!

With the release of yesterday’s Name of the Wand episode, we’re all done with the Frozen North story arc and we will be taking a break from the series to let Township Season Five have its time in the spotlight.

Tomorrow, Episode 10 will premiere, and each Tuesday through November 10th will bring us another new episode as we head toward our climactic fifth season finale!

I had a blast writing and doing the photographs for this season and I’m so glad to see it published. As always, thank you to everyone that takes the time to visit my site and check out my stories. I really appreciated it!

When Township’s fifth season closes out in November, we will see the premiere of Shattered World, the next story arc in the Name of the Wand series, and while those are airing we’ll be hard at work on producing the next great season of Township!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for more news and stories in the weeks to come!

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