Episode 20: Leaving Northrend (Intermission)

The Pandaren town of Halfhill.

      The Loremaster waited, his magical quill at the ready. He was certain that the mage had more to say, but the pause was long enough that he knew Sionis had no intention of pressing on.

      He waited a few more precious seconds, and then disabled his spell.

      “You seem disappointed,” SIonis said, looking up from his dishes, now nearly washed.

      “You kinda skipped over some stuff there at the end. The Battle of the Undercity, for example?”

      “I’m afraid there’s not much to tell, and I am confident the Loremasters have more than enough information on that event. I stood with my fellow mages and we engaged in a very straightforward battle. There wasn’t a great deal to it from where I was.”

      “Okay, fair enough,” the Loremaster conceded. He could look up that information on his own, that was true. “What about Icecrown Citadel?”

      “I wasn’t there,” Sionis said, smiling. “We left Northrend less than a week after I decided against altering the past.”

      “Do you think it would have worked?” the Loremaster pressed. “The spell of time?”

      “I’m confident that it would have, but the cost of the spell would have not been worth the changes I would have made. Time is like a woven thread rope. Millions of little strands all tying together the flow of history. The damage I could have done… perhaps it would have bee minimal, or maybe I could have accidentally created an alternate reality.”

      “I can see the risks,” the Loremaster said. “It just seems like you were so set on your decision, breaking rules and getting to the spell… then you just… didn’t.”

      Sionis nodded slowly. “I thought of Evanor. The way I found her in that cage when I got to Northrend. She was nearly dead. I felt like I saved her life that day. If I went back and altered time, I might save Keaira, but I would be putting Evanor’s life in the air. Christine and I saved one another a dozen times during our time at Amberpine. When we faced the Lich King, I was the one that was leading the group in the Keep. If I wasn’t there… would she have taken lead?”

      “So, it became an emotional weight. Keaira would cost the lives of others, and you couldn’t bring yourself to sacrifice them.”

      “Keaira wouldn’t have wanted that,” the mage added.

      “I guess that makes sense. So, why didn’t you stay and fight the Lich King? Once you had Christine and Evanor at your side, surely you would have been able to help the Argent Crusade?”

      “Maybe,” Sionis mused. “I don’t know. Christine had a great many missions come from her Order, and I found no shortage of relief efforts to undertake back home while the final assault against the Lich King went on. In truth, I was not the most powerful mage, by far, and I was not trained in following the structure that was required.”

      The Loremaster didn’t disagree with the mage. He had already taken the time to look into Sionis’s life in the files that the other Loremasters had already collected. It was noted that Sionis Sepher had returned from Northrend and served in various functions of the Stormwind military and relief groups. He had funneled a fair amount of his family’s wealth into the economy, and he offered free magical lessons to students that couldn’t afford what the wealthy academies in Stormwind had to offer.

      All in all, Sionis’ life might have gone on to be perfectly perfect, but on Azeroth, things never really stayed peaceful or perfect for long.

      “Did you go back to Southshore?” he asked.

      Sionis smiled. “I did.”

      “Is that where you met Iliera?” the Loremaster asked.

      SIonis chuckled now, tossing his dish towel over his shoulder and stepping over to have a seat at the table with his friend. “There’s plenty more to the story, and Iliera will be a part of it, especially near the end, but for now, you’re on the road that leads to the story you want to hear.”

      “Wait. You’re saying all of this is a prelude?”

      “If you’re interested only in the wand, and how it ended up as you see it now, then yes.”

      The Loremaster looked over his notes and realized he had gathered more information on SIonis Sepher than anyone else he had recorded. This gold mine of information was proving to be more than he could have hoped. He decided it would be best to avoid pushing the narrative of the wand, and focus more on Sepher’s life in general. “So, here’s the deal. After all your relief missions, I’ve got you down here as MIA, then KIA, then on the records again, all during the events of the shattering, but there’s no other details.”

      Sionis seemed to think for a long time before he shook his head. “I’ll need time to collect my thoughts, Loremaster. I’ll continue the story for you, but not today.”

      “Very well,” the Loremaster groaned. “Another day, then.”

      “Another day,” Sionis repeated. “For now… leftovers?”

      The Loremaster smiled. “Yes, to be honest, that sounds great.”

Sionis’ Adventure will continue in…

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