Township Returns!

Hey everybody, it’s that time again!

New children, coronavirus spikes, election season, and most importantly, a NEW season of Township!!!

If you’re new to Township, I highly recommend you catch up now! You can do that easily enough as all episodes are 100% free to read! That’s right. No ads, no annoying popups. Just a good ol’ fashioned Sci-Fi romp with LEGO images to help build the experience!!!

If you’re not interested in reading all four prior seasons, that’s okay too. We have a handy page that covers “The Story So Far…” and it’ll have you primed and ready for the new premier!

Meanwhile, my legacy story “The Name of the Wand” will continue posting episodes every weekend, so if you’re eager for more stories, now is a great time to look around.

Okay, so, onto the date?

August 12, 2020! That’s right! Two days!!! WOOOO!

Get excited, folks!

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