Township: Olivia Sun

Olivia Sun

Olivia Sun is an explorer with her mind set on discovery the truth about the World Ship. She was the first individual to emerge from the Core, and she is part of the leadership in Town that was initially labeled as the “Main Six”, but would later become known as the “Town Council”. She founded the Explorer Group and stands as a strong voice for uncovering the secrets that surround their lives…

The following sections cover Olivia’s story as it has unfolded over the course of Township’s run:

Olivia (Season 4)

Occupation Group: Explorer
Origin: Lower Level

Season 1

During the events of Township Season 1, Olivia Sun is introduced as the leader of the Explorer Group. At this time, Olivia is introduced as a cold and calculating leader, interested solely in pushing the boundaries of exploration in an attempt to figure out the truth of their situation.

Olivia’s relationship with the town and the citizens begins to change when she is introduced to Johnathan Davis. John becomes a kind of communication liaison for Olivia’s organization, helping to better present her goals and objectives without coming across as aggressive.

Olivia pushes through the creation of a high-altitude exploration vehicle called Explorer One, which she hopes to use to explore the Upper Level of their home. Meanwhile, thanks to John, she is also able to claim one of the buildings in town to use as Mission Control for operations within the Explorer Group. John convinces her that a more public connection to the citizens will help increase support for her missions.

The effort pays off, and Explorer One completes a mission to celebration and excitement in town.

During this event, Olivia experiences a momentary flash of what she believes might be a memory, something that no other citizen in town has ever experienced. She decides not to reveal this to anyone, and before it can become an issue, the crew from Explorer One, Flynn Brickshelm and David Nash, report to her that they were very nearly brought down by a strange signal that transmitted tons of data to their onboard storage.

The information is unlike any other World Ship transmissions, and instead appears to be written in a format that they can begin to decipher.

Season 2

Olivia has been doing well with her missions, but during a routine flight, Explorer One suffers a devastating impact and is lost. Olivia scrambles rescue teams to find the crash site on the Lower Level, but she is unable to find anything. She begins to formulate a theory that Explorer One may have propelled upward and landed in the Upper Level.

After a call from Willow Creek Farms, Olivia sends John Davis and Ruby Rose to find out if there are any survivors as the assumed crash site. Instead, the pair discover an unidentified vehicle has crashed in the corn fields, and a pilot is unconscious in the Willow Creek homestead.

Olivia orders the pilot and the ship to be returned to town, but when the pilot wakes he warns them all to get him as far away before things get really bad. Before anyone can react, a massive flying vehicle, resembling a shark, descends on the town. Olivia and Rayland confront the ship’s Commander, a man named Thresher. He asks for a power crystal from the pilot’s crashed ship, and also reveals that he has Flynn Brickshelm in his custody.

After a tense exchange, Olivia relinquishes the pilot’s power crystal to Thresher, and he returns Flynn to them, unharmed.

After Thresher’s departure, Olivia and Rayland gave a speech to try and assure the citizens of town that they were safe and things would not change, but there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that this was untrue.

Season 3

After Thresher visited town, Olivia became convinced that they needed to launch a new mission to rescue David Nash from the Upper Level. Meanwhile, Rayland Walsh had determined that all missions should be suspended until such a time that they knew they were safe from drawing the attention of the man named Thresher.

As Olivia presses ahead with her rescue mission, against the opinions of the other Main Six, Rayland uses his power as Mayor to have Mission Control shut down. He tells Olivia he will not let her run rogue.

Olivia, fearful that Rayland will stop all of her advancements, convinces Ruby Rose to help her steal the town helicopter so that she can flee to the Grid, another area of the ship outside of Rayland’s influence, run mostly by the Explorer Group. She also makes it clear that, in her absence, Elsie Lamarr is in charge of the Explorer Group.

Ruby helps Olivia get to the helicopter, but she is forced to flee on her own, leaving Olivia behind to be arrested by Rayland’s new militia.

In “jail”, which is the town’s bank vault under the watchful eyes of Bryan Steeles, Olivia is forced to spend time with the pilot from the wrecked vessel. She learns his name is Ronin and the two bond over their situation.

Eventually, Olivia is freed from her confinement by John Davis and Samantha Valentine. She escapes to the Grid aboard the town helicopter, which Ruby Rose pilots into town to rescue her.

Finally at the Grid, Olivia and Elsie plot how they will get their rescue mission off the ground. At first they face an even angrier Rayland Walsh, who threatens to stop them from reaching the Upper Level, even if that means shooting down the new launch vehicle.

Before long, however, Olivia is contacted by David Nash from the Upper Level, telling her to stay away. Realizing her friend is safe, she decides to tell Rayland that she will not pursue a mission to the Upper Level. Rayland, who is suffering his own troubles with his militia, agrees to let the Explorers return to duty if that is the case.

As Olivia helps end the tensions that rippled through town, she also resigns as leader of the Explorer Group, passing the torch to Elsie Lamarr permanently.

Season 4

Olivia has been adrift since stepping away from her leadership role. She spends some time with Flynn Brickshelm on a mission to a previously unexplored part of the World Ship, and she finds it to be exhilarating. After this, she returns to Elsie Lamarr with the desire to participate in more missions.

Elsie informs her that she is going to attempt a mission to restart the Pantry, another part of the World Ship that has long been dormant. The mission will require going to another area of the ship, a dangerous docking bay known as the Garage.

Olivia attempts to recruit Ruby Rose as her pilot, but Ruby initially declines.

During this time, Olivia also begins meeting with Samantha Valentine to discuss her dreams, which appear to be far more vivid and specific than a dream. Samantha admits it could be memories, and promises to help Olivia with this experience, without revealing it to anyone else unless it becomes dangerous.

Elsie Lamarr also reveals that the World Ship has a crew manifest, or a cargo list, that details the names of every individual that is “stored” in the Core. Olivia Sun’s name is not on that list.

Despite this, Elsie trusts Olivia and helps her secure her place on the mission to the Garage.

When the day finally arrives, the mission goes well until the crew of Explorer Two is cut off from the Grid by Thresher and his flying vessel. Olivia takes control of the situation and Ruby Rose pilots their vessel close to Thresher, trying to figure out what he is doing while also preventing him from accomplishing whatever goal he might have.

The pilot Ronin, also on the mission, orders Ruby Rose to land aboard a vessel called the Traveler. Olivia, trusting Ronin’s knowledge of the World Ship, agrees to the order and Ruby follows their lead. They crash land on the Traveler just as it prepares to depart from the World Ship.

In Mission Control, Explorer Two is lost, and the crew is assumed lost with it.

To Be Continued!

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