TechnicoolDad COVID-19 Update

It feels like it was just March.

This week concluded season four of Township, an achievement I’m glad to have, though I admit the crowning achievement of my own little creative writing project seems so insignificant against the overwhelming impact of this recent global pandemic.

I am one of the fortunate folks that found my work shifting to the home environment, but with that fortune has come certain… adjustments… that I have had to make for the sake of sanity.

Daycare is closed and TechnicolorMom also got sent home to work, so we have a very packed home these days. As a result, it’s a lot harder for me to run around the house spewing my LEGO collection all over the place so that I can capture new images for Township. My family is more than accommodating, of course, but with half the diner table set up as a mobile work station, and the other half covered in cereal, or chicken nuggets, or whatever it is our child eats these days… well it’s a tight fit that doesn’t leave much room for me to get my stuff laid out for photo shoots.

Taking new photos requires a bit of space!

I’m not quite sure when I’ll find the time or freedom to lay out another shoot for Township Season Five, but I am happy to say that we’re well on our way with production. The stories are written and passing through the famous editor (TechnicolorMom) before we get it formatted for the website.

Just to keep the hype rolling, I am very excited for the storyline of season five. I believe we’re going to see a lot of really great stuff and our citizens are really going to be put through some new trials and tribulations!

For everyone that read season four, I can only say thank you all for continuing to ride along. I have many more adventures ahead for the citizens, so don’t you fret. The new episodes are on the horizon, but as with most things in 2020, the production will likely be delayed as we sort through this brave new world.

In fact, I think season five will make use of the most sets of any season yet! There’s a lot to look forward to there, so we’ll lean on the idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder and go from there. When it does come back, it’ll come back bigger than ever!

I’m hopeful we’ll see something in the summer, but I’ll keep everyone updated as we go.

While we might not get any new episodes in the near future, I will be doing a bit of house cleaning on the site, including updating the Township “Story so Far” synopsis to include season four, as well as an updated “Characters” page that will give updated images and story elements to reflect the current characters heading into the fifth season.

Additionally, in the spirit of putting some side projects to bed, I am going to finally clean up and publish the five episode story WoW Adventures: Bad Blood. This last series will tie up the story of Sionis Sepher, a fire mage who has had a long adventure as my avatar in the popular MMO World of Warcraft.

The final Sionis Sepher story.

After that is published, I’ll be trying to create a one-page synopsis of the hero I once wrote about so frequently. The mage is practically an old friend of mine at this point… he’s been in my life since 2006, after all!

To all readers that have feedback, good or bad, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know. I am thankful for my own little realm here, but I’m always eager to improve in any way I can, be it character developments, prose, formatting… any of it. It’s always welcome!

We are going to be putting the first half of 2020 to bed in the near future.

What a wild ride it’s already been so far.

Let’s hope the second half offers up some more positive experiences for us, yeah?

Thanks for reading!

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