Johnathan Davis

Johnathan Davis began his adventure in town like any other. He arrived in the Core. John considers himself as someone that doesn’t want to get involved, but he always manages to do it anyway. His skill involves words. He is the “voice” of the citizens and works closely with the Town Council. In the first season, John was trying to find his place as an editor and writer. In season two, John was caught up in the Explorer One crash, which unintentionally pulled him into private dealings with the Town Council. In the third season, John attempts to diffuse the escalating aggression between Olivia Sun and Rayland Walsh, but he is unable to broker peace until the two parties have nearly sparked a conflict that could harm the town. In the aftermath, things have been changing in town, and so has John…

Flynn Brickshelm

Flynn is an exceptional pilot and in a position of influence as one of the “Main Six”. Flynn arrived from the Core directly after Olivia, making him the second citizen. His kindness, skills as a pilot, and endless bravery and dedication made him one of the most valued Explorers. Flynn did not see himself as a man of influence, however, and avoided anything that revolved around the “Main Six”, including the Town Council. Instead, he allowed David Nash to take his place so he could focus on flying. Flynn was aboard the Explorer One mission that crashed in the Upper Levels. He was rescued from the crash site and given medical attention by a mysterious individual named Thresher, who also brought him back to town and released him. Since then, Flynn has had little interest in leaving the ground again, instead focusing on a new mission to unite the citizens of town and offer them peace and protection, especially in the aftermath of recent events.

Olivia Sun

Olivia is the former leader of the Explorers and one of the “Main Six”. She was the first to arrive through the Core, making her the first citizen. Her order of arrival means that many citizens see her as the same authority as Rayland Walsh. She doesn’t necessarily agree, but she has used this popularity to leverage what she wants when necessary. As leader of the Explorers, Olivia has weathered several crisis, including the Explorer One crash and subsequent attempt to organize a rescue mission that would travel to the Upper Levels. She is bold and determined to do what she feels is right, even if no one else agrees. Her ideals and principles have been valuable, and damaging, to the town as a whole. After her fallout with Rayland Walsh and the standoff that resulted, Olivia stepped down from the Explorers and gave the position to Elsie Lamarr with the blessing of the Town Council.

Elsie Lamarr

Elsie is a headstrong and incredibly intelligent individual. She has been said to be difficult to work with, but those that do work with her always express great surprise at her dedication and support. Elsie was, in her own words, an enemy of Olivia Sun from the first day she became an Explorer. She always assumed Olivia was stifling her ideas and limiting her success. Her opinions were shattered during Olivia’s downfall as Elsie was Olivia’s first choice to lead in her absence. Elsie was completely caught off guard by this level of trust and respect that she had not reciprocated. From that moment on, Elsie became Olivia’s biggest supporter and even went so far as to organize a jailbreak when Olivia was detained by Rayland Walsh. Additionally, Elsie was able to negotiate the peaceful resolution between Rayland and Olivia, which all the citizens saw as a powerful move. As a result, she was given Olivia’s role as leader of the Explorers. Elsie wasted no time in going to work, and her goal has been to focus on the research and development of new technologies that can improve their understanding of the World Ship and help the citizens of town feel comfortable.

Rayland Walsh

Rayland is one of the “Main Six” and serves as the Mayor of town. He is, physically, the oldest citizen in town. As individuals arrive from the Core in a variety of ages, it is not uncommon for older or younger citizens to appear. That being said, Rayland is the only citizen that most others would label as “old”. Most of the town sees him as a father figure and someone they can trust, though his fight against Olivia after the crash of Explorer One cost him a great deal of trust from the people. After officially running for Mayor, Rayland considers himself a diplomatically elected leader, though he had not spoken on another election cycle. Still, Rayland does have the best interest of the citizens at heart. Despite his mistakes, there is little doubt that he want to keep everyone safe.

Samantha Valentine

Samantha arrived from the Core sometime after the “Main Six”, but she has become highly influential thanks to her skills and knowledge of psychology and therapy. She is seen as the town’s counselor and because of this she knows almost every secret that any citizen might have. During the early days, Samantha enjoyed holding this power over people, but as time went on she began to grow bored of her job. When Leonard Calgray arrived, his meetings with her changed everything. Samantha became convinced that Leonard would mix things up and supported him as he played to Rayland Walsh’s growing paranoia. Unfortunately, when Leonard revealed that he had sinister plans for the town, Samantha’s conscience got the best of her. She warned the Town Council of Leonard’s plan and helped to diffuse the situation before it escalated too far. In the aftermath of her choices, Samantha is among several individuals who have gained a level of distrust from the citizens. Whatever power she had has evaporated, but she is remorseful and hopes to mend the wounds.

Bryan Steeles

Bryan is one of the “Main Six” and serves as the town logistics manager. During his early days, Bryan focused on making sure that every citizen had what they needed to survive. He became the person that any citizen would go to if they needed food or supplies, and he was always careful in how anything was distributed. As the citizens continued to arrive, however, Bryan dedicated himself to building an economy that would allow the flow of supplies without his direct intervention. An introduction of a town currency made him into a kind of treasurer and he now serves as such on the Town Council. He absolutely despises any tension or stressful situations and has grown weary of Rayland Walsh’s leadership, especially considering the conflict with Olivia Sun.

David Nash

David Nash is a skilled commander with the mind of a tactician. In town he worked tirelessly to oversee each of the Explorer missions and became one of Olivia’s most trusted Explorers, and a good friend. With Flynn Brickshelm piloting, and David commanding, Explorer One had many successful missions that granted Olivia’s team mountains of data about their home. After the Explorer One crash in the Upper Levels, David found himself tied up in a conflict between the Ronin and Thresher, two citizens of the Upper Levels. His lack of history about the conflict gave him no ground to decide where he should stand. After several close calls with both parties, David ended up making peace with the Guardians and used their radio system to contact Olivia Sun so she would know he was safe. Now, David must figure out what path lies ahead for him in this new land.

Ruby Rose

Despite not being one of the “Main Six”, Ruby is one of the most loved individuals in town. She is considered angelic by many citizens, as she was the first person they would interact with upon arriving from the Core. Ruby has always worked her hardest to make sure that every citizen is comfortable and safe. After the Explorer One crash, Ruby learned of the “Pilot” and helped Olivia bring him back to town. She also tried to use the “Pilot”‘s vessel to rescue her friends from the Upper Levels. After Flynn was returned from the Upper Levels, she spent a great deal of time flying missions to the Core and keeping her mind off the growing tension between Olivia and Rayland. When the Mayor decided to shut down the Explorers and seize the helicopter, Ruby sided with Olivia and fled to the Core. She would return to town on Elsie’s orders, helping Olivia escape from town during a jailbreak. Now, with the town at peace and a bright future ahead, Ruby has started to contemplate her own future…

Caleb Vann

Cable is one of the “Main Six”. Since his arrival from the Core, Caleb has been considered the town’s only doctor. He has had to deal with many things, some of which are well outside of his training, but each time he has been successful. When the mysterious “Pilot” crashed in town, Caleb was sent to investigate. He found the individual to be no alien and began to nurse them back to health. In the meantime, a pregnant citizen arrived from the Core in labor. Thankfully, due to Caleb’s absence, the citizens discovered that Nima Patel was actually a skilled obstetrician and was able to help with the delivery. Since then, Caleb and Nima have been working together, both to expand their own knowledge sets and to begin training recruits that can help with some of the medical tasks. As the town grows, so does the demand for doctors.

Nima Patel

Nima Patel is the town’s obstetrician. She arrived from the Core soon after Johnathan Davis, but her skill was not revealed right away. She ended up volunteering at Julio Jones’ animal hospital after Samantha Valentine recommended it. Nima had expressed a desire to nurture life. She remained working for Julio until a very pregnant citizen arrived from the Core in active labor. Nima came to do what she could, but soon discovered she had great skill with the task. Since then, Nima has worked closely with Caleb Vann to help establish a healthy lifestyle for the citizens and teach everyone about what she knows. In recent months, many citizens have started to settle down with significant others and Nima’s schedule is filling up faster than she expected!

Oliver Lafayette

Oliver was one of the “Main Six”. His arrival was well-timed, as the others had begun to starve without regular sustenance. Oliver’s first real meal came from preparing “tree spinach”, which saved everyone from an untimely demise. He would go on to become the town’s main resource for preparing meals and he dedicated himself to keeping everyone fed and happy. As time went on, however, Oliver became bored with this way of life. He had to prepare so much food, or example, that he never had time to make anything “fun” anymore. Likewise, if he did get his hands on valuable ingredients, he did not want to waste them on small meals that would be gobbled up by ungrateful citizens. It was Bryan’s currency and the establishment of a market system that allowed Oliver to begin focusing on a real menu that catered to the tastes of different citizens. He was soon serving fifteen different items, rather than one simple soup. Oliver has remained on the Town Council since it was formed, but after Nancy Rizzo expressed an interest in joining he was quick to offer up his seat. He considered it an early retirement and now focuses on his food. Oliver is likely the second-oldest physically and likes to call himself an old man.

Nancy Rizzo

Nancy Rizzo arrived some time ago, but her skill was never apparent until she ate a rather “boring” dish at Oliver’s restaurant and decided she could do better. Her husband, Timothy Rizzo, grows and supplies herbs to Oliver and was excited to see Nancy take an interest in cooking. From that moment on, Nancy made a name for herself by focusing on quick and easy meals that could be prepared and handed out relatively quickly compared to the slower pace of Oliver’s restaurant. There was a little tension in town at first, but it quickly became apparent that there were plenty of citizens for both businesses and the short rivalry blossomed into a strong friendship. As Nancy’s influence has grown, Oliver has taken advantage of the situation, allowing her to sit on the Town Council and deal with food distribution issues while he could focus on his recipes.


Ronin crashes at Willow Creek Farms after colliding with Explorer One. His ship is far more advanced than anything in the Lower Levels, but he is knocked unconscious and the citizens are left with nothing to go on about his origins. When Ronin does wake, he warns them that that “Thresher” will come for them if they don’t let him go. He pleads for his ship and power crystal, but it is too late. Thresher arrives, but Olivia tells him that the pilot was killed on impact during his crash. Thresher leaves, warning the town to never send another citizen to the Upper Levels. After this, Ronin is taken to the town’s bank vault where Bryan Steeles keeps an eye on him. He remains there until Olivia is also taken captive by Rayland Walsh. The two bond during their time in “prison”, but they are both unexpectedly freed thanks to Samantha Valentine, Elsie Lamarr, and Johnathan Davis. After their escape, the tension in town soon dies down and Ronin is left in limbo once more. Elsie Lamarr has pity for him and decides that Thresher’s threat does not apply to the pilot as he is not a citizen of the Lower Levels. He is invited to join the Explorers so he can work on fixing his ship and returning home.


There is little information known about Thresher. He has revealed to David Nash that he may not be like the other citizens. He also enlightens David Nash about the World Ship where they live. His knowledge and mysterious past make him a highly unpredictable individual that David can’t trust. Still, Thresher shows no ill will toward David, going so far as attempting to send him home before they are attacked by the Guardians. Later, when Thresher learns that David Nash has made it to the Hub and is now communicating with the Lower Levels, he becomes rather excited. He reveals that his plan is nearly complete now, and soon they will have “the book” and it will give them “the traveler.” His true intentions remain veiled in secrecy…