• Minor Characters
    • Annie Arkly
    • Anton Mertens
    • Caleb Vann
    • Katherine Willow
    • Leonard Calgray
    • Michael Jonas
    • Oliver Lafayette
    • Trevor Arkly
    • William Everett

Town Council

Bryan Steeles

Occupation: Logistics Manger (S1-S5)
Origin: Lower Level

Bryan is one of the “Main Six”, the founders of town, and currently serves as the town logistics manager and sole banker.

During his early days, Bryan focused on making sure that every citizen had what they needed to survive. He became the person that any citizen could go to if they needed food or supplies, and he was always careful in how anything was distributed.

As the citizens continued to arrive, however, Bryan dedicated himself to building an economy that would allow the flow of supplies without his direct intervention. The introduction of a town currency made him into a kind of treasurer.

He absolutely despises any tension or stressful situations and has grown weary of Rayland Walsh’s leadership, especially considering the conflict with Olivia Sun and subsequent situations that have caused undue stress on the town’s ability to thrive.

In recent seasons, Bryan has found himself dealing with supply constraints and the introduction of new population centers that have their own currencies and leadership, making for a new and exciting opportunity to negotiate business dealings and trade policies.

Bryan is in a romantic relationship with Julia Reynolds, the owner of the Cake n’ Bake Cafe.

Elsie Lamarr

Occupation: Explorer (S1-S3), Leader of the Explorer Group (S4)
Origin: Lower Level

Introduced in the second season, Elsie Lamarr is headstrong, incredibly intelligent, and hungry for recognition.

Originally assigned to working on mysterious data logs from the Upper Level, Elsie’s work soon breaks through and her success propels her into the limelight.

During the events of the third season, Elsie is handed control of the Explorer Groups when Olivia is suddenly arrested by the Town Council. The steadfast leadership of Elsie Lamarr gets the Explorers through a near civil war, and after the crisis is averted, Olivia suggests that Elsie remain in control of the Explorer Group.

In the 2019 Holiday Special, Elsie is seen experimenting with power crystals alongside Ronin.

Later, Elsie establishes four departments of the Explorers Group: Researchers, Explorers, and Engineers. She places Olivia as the leader of the Explorer department.

When a new mission is established to enter the Garage, an unexplored area of the World Ship, Elsie suggests Ruby Rose for the pilot seat.

She meets with Flynn about the World Ship Manifest, a list of all citizens from the Core. She also learns of Olivia’s secret. After discussing this with Flynn, the two decide it is a matter of security and privacy that must not be shared publicly.

During the events of the season four finale, the Explorer Two mission into the Garage is lost. Elsie works throughout the fifth season to help determine what went wrong and even attempts, unsuccessfully, to launch a potential rescue mission.

In the season five finale, when Explorer Two returns home, loaded with refugees from another World Ship, Elsie knows things are about to change…

Flynn Brickshelm

Occupation: Explorer (S1-S3), Protector (S4-S5)
Origin: Lower Level

A hotshot pilot for the Explorer’s Group, Flynn Brickshelm is one of the main antagonists of Township.

Flynn began his career with the Explorer Group as a pilot, taking citizens from the Core and delivering them to town. Flynn is also one of the “Main Six”, the first citizens to establish their town and begin the society that the citizens now enjoy.

On an experimental mission, Flynn is forced to crash land their vehicle Explorer One in an unexplored region of their home that is known as the Upper Level. After the crash landing, Flynn was kidnapped by a mysterious man named Thresher.

After Flynn is returned to town by Thresher, he focuses on helping the citizens with their problems. Despite his lack of interest in piloting new missions for the Explorer’s Group, he finds great joy and satisfaction from aiding anyone that needs help, no matter how menial the task.

He creates a group known as the Protectors.

In the 2019 Holiday Special, Flynn visits a new settlement known as Winter Village and establishes a Protectors branch in the new town.

Flynn uncovers the truth of the Manifest, a log of all the citizens that might arrive from the Core. He learns a shocking truth about Olivia Sun during this time.

Later, Flynn finds himself with his hands full during the tumultuous events of season five, but he remains steadfast in his duty throughout the crisis.

Nancy Rizzo

Nancy Rizzo is the owner of the town’s diner, the chief competition to the fine dining experience of Oliver’s restaurant, and is now considered the “calm and patient” member of the Town Council. Nancy established herself as a citizen of renown after working with William Everett to connect citizens from the Frontier with citizens in town, in an effort to help expediate shipments and trades of food and other valuable ingredients for meal preparation.

After being honored for this effort, Nancy began seeking attention from the Town Council. Oliver, all too happy to step away from the stressful role on the council, quickly offered her hiws seat, and she happily took it.

The Rizzo family has one child, born sometime between the events of season three and season four.

The diner has become the “cool” place to be, and their quick dining experience has become favorited by citizens living outside of town. They use the diner, positioned near the end of the main street, to grab a quick bite as they are coming or going.

Oliver, while a bit upset with the competition, has enjoyed the filtering of customers, as now his restaurant has become more targeted as a fine-dining experience.

Nancy continues to push for anything that helps the citizens get access to quick and easy food. She has encouraged the Explorer’s Group in any mission that might help them grow and store food supplies or in any way create new and exciting food opportunities for the citizens of the World Ship.

Dr. Nima Patel

Nima Patel is the town’s sole Obstetrician.

She arrived from the Core soon after Johnathan Davis, but her skills as a doctor were not immediately revealed.

Her initial time aboard the World Ship was spent working with Julio Jones in an animal research facility and hospital after she expressed a strong desire to help nurture and care for growing life. Eventually, Nima’s skills were revealed by a very pregnant citizen that arrived from the Core in active labor.

While she initially feared she could not help, but Doctor Vann was not in town. In the moment, Dr. Patel discovered she had great skill with the task. Since then, Dr. Patel has worked closely with Dr. Vann to help establish a healthy lifestyle for the citizens and to teach everyone about what she knows.

In recent months, many citizens have started to settle down with significant others and Dr. Patels’ office schedule has no more room!

With the importance of the growing number of families aboard the World Ship, Dr. Patel was offered a seat on the Town Council. Doctor Caleb Vann, fearful that others must learn his skills, stepped down so that he could begin a school for other interested citizens.

Rayland Walsh

Rayland is one of the “Main Six”, the first citizens to establish their home. He serves as the Mayor and figurehead of the Town Council.

Despite the relative youth of all other citizens, Rayland Walsh appears to be at least a decade older than most. The mystery behind is remains unresolved.

Most of the town looks at Rayland as a wise and kind leader, at least until his temperament got the best of him in season three when he becomes entangled in a conflict with Olivia Sun that nearly boils over into a violent conflict.

In the aftermath, Rayland has kept to himself, leading quietly and allowing the Town Council to shoulder much of the responsibility that he used to carry alone. Regardless of his questionable decisions, it is clear that Rayland wants his citizens to be safe, and he very much considers them to be his responsibility.

After winning his election, Rayland has been proud to consider himself the popular choice for leadership, though the continual events aboard the World Ship have left little time to consider a new election cycle.

In season six, Rayland is forced to confront that reality when the relative peace and quiet in town leads to talk of a new election, one that will put Rayland against an unexpected opponent…

Major Characters

Johnathan Davis

Occupation: Journalist (S1-S3), Press Secretary (S4-S5)
Origin: Lower Level

Johnathan Davis is one of the primary antagonists of Township.

He is a fierce ally of the Explorer Group and a strong advocate for the Town Council, though in later seasons John begins to develop concerns about the leadership’s ability to handle the many emergencies that seem to happen with regular occurrence.

During the early seasons of Township, John finds his place in the society structure as a communicator, helping to bridge the gap between the town’s leadership and its citizens. Initially he works for Olivia Sun and the Explorer Group, but he soon grows his talent into a kind of journalist, publishing the latest news for all citizens to keep apprised. Over time, this naturally involves into a more official position as the Press Secretary for the Town Council.

In season four of Township, John and Ruby Rose begin a romantic relationship.

In the 2020 Halloween Special, John travels into the Garden to prove the existence of a mysterious creature, and the adventure quickly gets out of hand. The aftermath of the event, which John was not approved to undertake, nearly costs him his job as Press Secretary.

Olivia Sun

Occupation: Explorer Group Leader (S1-S3), Explorer (S4-S5), Citizen (S6)
Origin: WS2296

Season 1

Olivia Sun is introduced as the leader of the Explorer Group. At this time, Olivia is a cold and calculating leader, interested solely in pushing the boundaries of exploration in an attempt to figure out the truth of their situation (S1E2: The Core).

Olivia’s relationship with the town and the citizens begins to change when she is introduced to Johnathan Davis. John becomes a kind of communication liaison for Olivia’s organization, helping to better present her goals and objectives without coming across as aggressive. Olivia establishes the creation of a high-altitude exploration vehicle called Explorer One, which she hopes to use to explore the Upper Level of their home (S1E4: Getting to Know You). Meanwhile, thanks to John, she is also able to claim one of the buildings in town to use as Mission Control for operations within the Explorer Group. John convinces her that a more public connection to the citizens will help increase support for her missions (S1E7: Cinema Dilemma).

The effort pays off, and Explorer One completes a mission to celebration and excitement in town. During this event, Olivia experiences a momentary memory, something that no other citizen in town has ever experienced. She decides not to reveal this to anyone (S1E11: Return to Base).

After the celebrations have ended, the crew from Explorer One, Flynn Brickshelm and David Nash, report to her that they were very nearly brought down by a strange signal that transmitted tons of data to their onboard storage. The information is unlike any other World Ship transmissions, and instead appears to be written in a format that they can begin to decipher. David Nash hopes it might be something they can use to interface with the World Ship computers (S1E12: Election Day).

Season 2

Olivia has been doing well with her missions, but during a routine flight, Explorer One suffers a devastating impact and is lost. Olivia scrambles rescue teams to find the crash site on the Lower Level, but she is unable to find anything. She begins to formulate a theory that Explorer One may have propelled upward and landed in the Upper Level.

After a call from Willow Creek Farms, Olivia sends John Davis and Ruby Rose to find out if there are any survivors as the assumed crash site. Instead, the pair discover an unidentified vehicle has crashed in the corn fields, and a pilot is unconscious in the Willow Creek homestead.

Olivia orders the pilot and the ship to be returned to town, but when the pilot wakes he warns them all to get him as far away before things get really bad. Before anyone can react, a massive flying vehicle, resembling a shark, descends on the town. Olivia and Rayland confront the ship’s Commander, a man named Thresher. He asks for a power crystal from the pilot’s crashed ship, and also reveals that he has Flynn Brickshelm in his custody.

After a tense exchange, Olivia relinquishes the pilot’s power crystal to Thresher, and he returns Flynn to them, unharmed.

After Thresher’s departure, Olivia and Rayland gave a speech to try and assure the citizens of town that they were safe and things would not change, but there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that this was untrue.

Season 3

After Thresher visited town, Olivia became convinced that they needed to launch a new mission to rescue David Nash from the Upper Level. Meanwhile, Rayland Walsh had determined that all missions should be suspended until such a time that they knew they were safe from drawing the attention of the man named Thresher.

As Olivia presses ahead with her rescue mission, against the opinions of the other Main Six, Rayland uses his power as Mayor to have Mission Control shut down. He tells Olivia he will not let her run rogue.

Olivia, fearful that Rayland will stop all of her advancements, convinces Ruby Rose to help her steal the town helicopter so that she can flee to the Grid, another area of the ship outside of Rayland’s influence, run mostly by the Explorer Group. She also makes it clear that, in her absence, Elsie Lamarr is in charge of the Explorer Group.

Ruby helps Olivia get to the helicopter, but she is forced to flee on her own, leaving Olivia behind to be arrested by Rayland’s new militia.

In “jail”, which is the town’s bank vault under the watchful eyes of Bryan Steeles, Olivia is forced to spend time with the pilot from the wrecked vessel. She learns his name is Ronin and the two bond over their situation.

Eventually, Olivia is freed from her confinement by John Davis and Samantha Valentine. She escapes to the Grid aboard the town helicopter, which Ruby Rose pilots into town to rescue her.

Finally at the Grid, Olivia and Elsie plot how they will get their rescue mission off the ground. At first they face an even angrier Rayland Walsh, who threatens to stop them from reaching the Upper Level, even if that means shooting down the new launch vehicle.

Before long, however, Olivia is contacted by David Nash from the Upper Level, telling her to stay away. Realizing her friend is safe, she decides to tell Rayland that she will not pursue a mission to the Upper Level. Rayland, who is suffering his own troubles with his militia, agrees to let the Explorers return to duty if that is the case.

As Olivia helps end the tensions that rippled through town, she also resigns as leader of the Explorer Group, passing the torch to Elsie Lamarr permanently.

Season 4

Olivia has been adrift since stepping away from her leadership role. She spends some time with Flynn Brickshelm on a mission to a previously unexplored part of the World Ship, and she finds it to be exhilarating. After this, she returns to Elsie Lamarr with the desire to participate in more missions.

Elsie informs her that she is going to attempt a mission to restart the Pantry, another part of the World Ship that has long been dormant. The mission will require going to another area of the ship, a dangerous docking bay known as the Garage.

Olivia attempts to recruit Ruby Rose as her pilot, but Ruby initially declines.

During this time, Olivia also begins meeting with Samantha Valentine to discuss her dreams, which appear to be far more vivid and specific than a dream. Samantha admits it could be memories, and promises to help Olivia with this experience, without revealing it to anyone else unless it becomes dangerous.

Elsie Lamarr also reveals that the World Ship has a crew manifest, or a cargo list, that details the names of every individual that is “stored” in the Core. Olivia Sun’s name is not on that list.

Despite this, Elsie trusts Olivia and helps her secure her place on the mission to the Garage.

When the day finally arrives, the mission goes well until the crew of Explorer Two is cut off from the Grid by Thresher and his flying vessel. Olivia takes control of the situation and Ruby Rose pilots their vessel close to Thresher, trying to figure out what he is doing while also preventing him from accomplishing whatever goal he might have.

The pilot Ronin, also on the mission, orders Ruby Rose to land aboard a vessel called the Traveler. Olivia, trusting Ronin’s knowledge of the World Ship, agrees to the order and Ruby follows their lead. They crash land on the Traveler just as it prepares to depart from the World Ship.

In Mission Control, Explorer Two is lost, and the crew is assumed lost with it.

Samantha Valentine

Samantha arrived from the Core sometime after the “Main Six”, but she has become highly influential thanks to her skills and knowledge of psychology and therapy. She is seen as the town’s counselor and because of this she knows almost every secret that any citizen might have. During the early days, Samantha enjoyed holding this power over people, but as time went on she began to grow bored of her job. When Leonard Calgray arrived, his meetings with her changed everything. Samantha became convinced that Leonard would mix things up and supported him as he played to Rayland Walsh’s growing paranoia. Unfortunately, when Leonard revealed that he had sinister plans for the town, Samantha’s conscience got the best of her. She warned the Town Council of Leonard’s plan and helped to diffuse the situation before it escalated too far. In the aftermath of her choices, Samantha is among several individuals who have gained a level of distrust from the citizens. Whatever power she had has evaporated, but she is remorseful and hopes to mend the wounds.

Ruby Rose

Despite not being one of the “Main Six”, Ruby is one of the most loved individuals in town. She is considered angelic by many citizens, as she was the first person they would interact with upon arriving from the Core. Ruby has always worked her hardest to make sure that every citizen is comfortable and safe. After the Explorer One crash, Ruby learned of the “Pilot” and helped Olivia bring him back to town. She also tried to use the “Pilot”‘s vessel to rescue her friends from the Upper Levels. After Flynn was returned from the Upper Levels, she spent a great deal of time flying missions to the Core and keeping her mind off the growing tension between Olivia and Rayland. When the Mayor decided to shut down the Explorers and seize the helicopter, Ruby sided with Olivia and fled to the Core. She would return to town on Elsie’s orders, helping Olivia escape from town during a jailbreak. Now, with the town at peace and a bright future ahead, Ruby has started to contemplate her own future…

David Nash

David Nash is a skilled commander with the mind of a tactician. In town he worked tirelessly to oversee each of the Explorer missions and became one of Olivia’s most trusted Explorers, and a good friend. With Flynn Brickshelm piloting, and David commanding, Explorer One had many successful missions that granted Olivia’s team mountains of data about their home. After the Explorer One crash in the Upper Levels, David found himself tied up in a conflict between the Ronin and Thresher, two citizens of the Upper Levels. His lack of history about the conflict gave him no ground to decide where he should stand. After several close calls with both parties, David ended up making peace with the Guardians and used their radio system to contact Olivia Sun so she would know he was safe. Now, David must figure out what path lies ahead for him in this new land.


Ronin crashes at Willow Creek Farms after colliding with Explorer One. His ship is far more advanced than anything in the Lower Levels, but he is knocked unconscious and the citizens are left with nothing to go on about his origins. When Ronin does wake, he warns them that that “Thresher” will come for them if they don’t let him go. He pleads for his ship and power crystal, but it is too late. Thresher arrives, but Olivia tells him that the pilot was killed on impact during his crash. Thresher leaves, warning the town to never send another citizen to the Upper Levels. After this, Ronin is taken to the town’s bank vault where Bryan Steeles keeps an eye on him. He remains there until Olivia is also taken captive by Rayland Walsh. The two bond during their time in “prison”, but they are both unexpectedly freed thanks to Samantha Valentine, Elsie Lamarr, and Johnathan Davis. After their escape, the tension in town soon dies down and Ronin is left in limbo once more. Elsie Lamarr has pity for him and decides that Thresher’s threat does not apply to the pilot as he is not a citizen of the Lower Levels. He is invited to join the Explorers so he can work on fixing his ship and returning home.


There is little information known about Thresher. He has revealed to David Nash that he may not be like the other citizens. He also enlightens David Nash about the World Ship where they live. His knowledge and mysterious past make him a highly unpredictable individual that David can’t trust. Still, Thresher shows no ill will toward David, going so far as attempting to send him home before they are attacked by the Guardians. Later, when Thresher learns that David Nash has made it to the Hub and is now communicating with the Lower Levels, he becomes rather excited. He reveals that his plan is nearly complete now, and soon they will have “the book” and it will give them “the traveler.” His true intentions remain veiled in secrecy…

Minor Characters

Annie Arkly

Introduced in the Upper Level, Annie is one of the Guardians, a group of citizens that protect the Hub from all the dangers that exist on World Ship 3609. She works with her brother Trevor Arkly, and good friend Michael Jonas, to help Ronin and the Guardians keep their guard against Thresher and his minions.

Anton Mertens

Anton Mertens is the owner of a fishing store in the Upper Level. He takes in an injured David Nash during the second season of Township. Over time, Anton reveals the truth of the World Ship to David Nash, including the fact that there are other World Ships out there. Anton tells David that he believes in Ronin’s efforts to keep Thresher away from the Hub and continues to do so until the day Thresher finally arrives. Following those events, Anton reveals to David that he was one of the original engineer crewmembers for this World Ship. He tells David how the Core works, why they have no memories, and why Ronin has worked so hard in his fight against Thresher.

Caleb Vann

Caleb is a former member of the Town Council. He is one of the “Main Six” and a medical doctor. He has long served as the chief medical officer for all of the citizens, aided only by the arrival of Nima Patel, who took his place on the Council and now helps him divide his time between seeing patients and training new citizens to perform the tasks that he currently undertakes.

Katherine Willow

Katherine Willow is one of the citizens primarily responsible for the development of food and agriculture outside of town. She owns Willow Creek Farms, and she has helped the town on multiple occasions.

Leonard Calgray

Leonard was one of the first citizens to “break bad”. During his time in town, he expressed a desire to create chaos, and through his initial conversations with Samantha Valentine, he found a way to influence events and accomplish his task. For a brief time in season three, Leonard too control of the town’s “militia” and started abusing his power, much to the chagrin of Rayland Walsh, who had intended to use Leonard for his own ends. In the end, Leonard was forced to flee from town after the Council decided to put him on trial for his hand in creating so much discord in town. He hasn’t been seen since he left.

Michael Jonas

A young member of the Guardians in the Upper Level. Michael was one of the two individuals that captured David Nash. A short time later, while defending the Hub, Michael was captured by Thresher and his forces. After Thresher revealed his true goals to Michael, the young Guardian betrayed Ronin and revealed the Hub’s location. Thresher allowed Michael to join him. Eventually, Michael would travel to Thresher’s original World Ship and helped him save hundreds of refugees from the doomed vessel.

Oliver Lafayette

One of the “Main Six”, Oliver served as the town’s primary cook for many years. The arrival of Nancy Rizzo and several other bakers and cooks has led Oliver to retire form the Town Council so that he can focus on his art of cooking.

Trevor Arkly

Trevor is a young member of the Guardians in the Upper Level. Trevor was one of the two individuals that captured David Nash. After the events of season four, Trevor remains in the Hub with David Nash, still working with the Guardians to keep the city safe.

William Everett

One of the strangest arrivals. When William arrived from the Core, he also had his wife and child with him. William is an architect and engineer, having established himself as an entrepreneurial businessman, William and spearheaded several new developments around the World Ship and his recognition only grows. His heart is currently set on the continual development of Winter Village.