Falcon: A LEGO Star Wars Story

Tomorrow, Star Wars Episode IX: Rise of Skywalker will be released in theaters all over the world. I am, without a doubt, excited.

Years ago, I would sit at home and watch the original trilogy on VHS tapes that my older sister had used to record televised showings of Episode V and VI. I remember watching the battle of Hoth on our TV and having to fast-forward through annoying retro McDonald’s commercials.

My sister would later be gifted the original films on VHS. I watched them with her in their full, commercial-free, glory.

In fact, I got my first Star Wars book from my sister too. My first poster too. Audiobook. Action figure…

I regret nothing. I can’t thank my sister enough for putting me on the path that she did. There are so many things that I fell in love with and have enjoyed over the years, including my own interest in writing, all because I got to sit in our living room and watch A New Hope with my sister.

So, first and foremost, thanks to her for that.

Despite my love of Star Wars and my powerful love of LEGO, I have always kept the hobbies separated. I did not participate in LEGO Star Wars at all. In my mind, this was right. I kept Billund and Tatooine far far away from one another. When it came to collecting anything from Star Wars, I wanted that authentic movie feel. I bought several X-Wing Miniatures ships, but never LEGO.

On October 5, 2019, I broke with tradition.

All through 2019, as I continued to travel deeper down the LEGO hole, I started to hear a voice calling out to me through the force. It was the UCS LEGO Millennium Falcon™. This 7500+ piece monstrosity looked so good that I couldn’t help but walk over for another glance each time we visited our local LEGO store.

Eventually, I surrendered to the dark side and we brought the Falcon home.

November 5, 2019: The building begins.

It wasn’t all rainbows and hyperdrives yet, though.

Upon arriving home, I put the unopened box in our closet and began a multiple week back and forth of whether or not I should really open the box or return it to LEGO and pretend we never met eyes.

By November, I was brave enough to commit to the purchase.

Bag #1 – November 10, 2019: The first step.

When I finally cracked the box open, one of my initial surprises was that the build was only 17 bags. That sounds like a lot, no doubt, but in comparison to the 37 that you get in the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart’s Castle – 71043, it is a bit surprising. You see, the falcon is thousands of pieces larger than the castle, yet it has under half of the bags to contain it all. I realized that, because I like to finish a number when I sit down, the Falcon would not be an easy ship to build. The only time I can sit that long is usually late evenings, and even then I usually have a hundred other things I want to do.

Now, as we approach the holidays, I am primed and ready to press forward on my build. Whenever I have had an open window, I have tried to squeeze in some parts.

As of today, I’m on bag 14.

I might make it by 2020…

Someday, I hope to share Star Wars with my children. They might enjoy it… maybe not. Either way, the franchise and everything that comes with it (good and bad) will be a part of our household.

Happy Holidays everyone, and may the force be with you!!!

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