BTB: Resolution

Build it Up!

For the season finale of The Township, we were light on sets. In fact, there were only two sets featured, though we had some special guests from some LEGO people character packs:

Writer’s Thoughts

With the standoff between Olivia and Rayland out of the way, the town stands poised for a chance to breathe again. As I was writing season 3, I knew pretty quickly that I wanted the tension of the season to be resolved quickly, not because it wasn’t a blast to write, but because there is little time to write about the citizens themselves when a larger threat looms overhead.

This season had a lot of great moments, like breaking into the bank, and escaping from the roof of the diner by helicopter!

It was also limited in scope by the narrative I needed to tell, which meant that stories about Willow Creek Farms or Oliver’s Restaurant were forced to the back burner while the larger story took place.

Likewise, David Nash’s adventure in the Upper Levels took up several episodes and drew us away from the core location of our town and the Lower Levels.

As we move forward with the story, I want to find a better way to negotiate a balance between our characters, their growth, and the story that drives them forward. I am still very much a novice writer, so I am always welcome for ideas and input from others out there that practice creative writing!

So, the episode on Tuesday ended with a hint of “next season”.

Today I can confirm that Season 4 of the Township is very much in production and will premiere sometime in early 2020, right here on!

As a final treat, though, I will also be publishing a 2019 Township Holiday Special, which will post in multiple parts during the Christmas week. The episode will take place after the events of Season 3, so if you’re not caught up, now is the time.

In the meantime, I will continue to post here about the usual nonsense… family, LEGO, maybe even some video games, and I’ll keep everyone informed about new Township content as it approaches.

This minifig from the People Pack is my favorite. Go Selfie Guy!

So, be sure to come back in a few weeks for the Holiday Special and I thank you all again for the amazing year I have had telling this story!

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