BTB: Out of the Fire

Build it up!

We took another trip to 1995 this week, with even more shots of the LEGO Aquazone sets… well mostly just the AquaSharks. Our photos for this episode featured a few of particular note:

I had a rather difficult time building a black set for the submarine interior used in this episode, largely due to me not actually having a ton of spare black pieces laying around to make the build. We got what we needed, so no regrets, but I’ve made a mental note to better prepare myself for custom set pieces the next time around!

This is also how I looked as I tried to build the interior set.

Writer’s Thoughts

There’s a fair amount of information to unpack from this episode!

So, the World Ship, according to Thresher, is divided into Sections, each divided by bulkheads that can seemingly open or close to seal them off from other parts of the ship. That’s the theory at least.

Thresher seems to know a lot, doesn’t he? That’s interesting.

So, we’ve got a few things established now that we should reiterate:

  • Thresher operates a group of people known as the Sharks.
  • Trevor operates a group of people known as the Guardians.
  • We also know that members of Thresher’s group don’t seem too interested in being villainous.
  • The Guardians kidnapped David, and now opened fire on him!

This episode really left us with more questions than answers… what is the hub? What is going to happen to David now?! How does Thresher know about the sections?!? Did Thresher imply he wasn’t from the Core?!?!

Okay okay. Sure. There’s a mystery here, but we’ve known since Episode 1 that The Township is a show about mysterious circumstances. There is plenty about the World Ship and everything aboard it that one would classify as a mystery. The real question that most readers are going to ask is… will we get answers to these mysteries?

The answer is… a mystery! (but yes).

Next week’s episode returns to the Lower Levels where the town is dealing with the fallout from Olivia and Rayland’s sudden escalation against one another. The town is without a helicopter… Olivia is in jail!

Where do we go from here? You’ll have to come back Tuesday to see the next episode, “The Prisoners” to find out!!!

See you soon, champions.

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