Episode 4: Getting to Know You

         The Grid. Flynn and John flying to the Grid          It felt so foreign a place to John. He had only traveled here a few times since he arrived in town, and each trip reminded him how cold and rigid it felt compared to the warmth and welcoming feeling back in town. Glass and metal structures… Continue reading Episode 4: Getting to Know You

Episode 4: The Horde Intent

The dry desert air of Silithus was no more forgiving at night. As the heat of the sun died down, frigid winds would blow that could freeze a man to the bone. Of course, while Fÿnn and Aremadiel shivered in the front, Dhespair walked behind them with no issue. They had scouted the desert for… Continue reading Episode 4: The Horde Intent

Season 4 — Episode 4: Mount Hyjal (Pt. 1)

  Leaving Theramore Isle was painful for me. It had become a symbol of stability in an unstable time. We left the elderly and a small group of young men and women that could defend the small settlement from harm if they were attacked by a stray force here or there. Everyone else was put… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 4: Mount Hyjal (Pt. 1)

Season 3 — Episode 4: A Dance with the Devil

  “Fire is not your friend. It will maim you, kill you, and destroy all that you care about if you give it even the slightest opportunity. Your Kirin Tor teachers probably tell you that it can be controlled, but great wielders of fire will tell you that only in acknowledging your powerlessness over this… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 4: A Dance with the Devil

Season 2 — Episode 4: Moving Forward

  The day after seeing my mansion for the first time I returned to Stormwind and promptly apologized to Lady Sonea for my negative reaction. She explained her reasoning for not telling me about my mother and thanks to Maron’s wisdom I understood what she meant. We had a good hug together and put the… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 4: Moving Forward

Season 1 — Episode 4: The Young Blacksmith

I met Appoleon for the first time when I was eleven years old. I remember that day because it was special for two reasons… By that time in my life, Lady Sonea had teased me out of my small room and was treating me more like a young boy than a scared animal. She gave… Continue reading Season 1 — Episode 4: The Young Blacksmith