WoW – A New Chapter

When I created a new character in WoW, I assumed it was an alt. That is to say, I didn’t assume I’d be playing him very much at all. I had my mage. I was a happy man.

He was created as Siönis back in 2015. I almost exclusively ran dungeons with the character, leveling up a “tank” for the use some day in the future. We made it to level 58 before we burned out and moved on to other things.

So there little Siönis the Paladin sat, all alone on the character login screen, until the Legion came. Specifically, the pre-patch 7.0 Legion launch event, which saw invasions popping up all over Azeroth. These invasions gave a TON of experience, which is what gets your character to max level.

Why not? I thought. So, Siönis was deployed for a few nights, leveling up from 58 to 100 before the Legion launch. An impressive feat.

Level 110 Siönis

From there, Siönis and Sionis started to became interchangeable. I still saw Sionis as my main, but I would play one character when I was with my wife, and another character when I was with my friends. At 110, things started to get interesting. We wanted to try out Mythic and Mythic+ difficulty dungeons, but getting a group pulled together was difficult. Sionis was a standard DPS. He wasn’t super helpful in that area since DPS characters are a dime a dozen.

Siönis, however, was unique. So, I started playing as him more, leveling up my gear and testing my limits as a healer. With Iliera tanking, I found healing to be my best role. It was a refreshing experience, and it led us to accomplishing many Mythic+ dungeons.

Then we joined a guild.

Then we started to raid.

All the while, Siönis became more independent, more powerful.

Slowly, a past started to form for my character. A young holy warrior that is always up for an adventure. Friendly and more social than his counterpart, this character had all the energy to become his own man.

So, with that in mind, I decided to let my little paladin step out from under the shadow of Sionis and I changed his name to Fÿnn.

My adventures with Fÿnn have been awesome.

A few weeks ago, Fÿnn completed the current tier raid,  known as the Nighthold.

Tier 19 Fÿnn

Hero of the Alliance.

A powerful healer and mighty champion of the Silver Hand.

Fÿnn is a lot of things. Most importantly, Fÿnn is my main.

I am thankful that I had this time to explore new elements to the World of Warcraft that I had never considered before. I never thought that I’d be participating in raids.

With each new day, our daughter grows a little more, and I know that our time in the Warcraft universe may be limited, so I am happy to play while the opportunity still exists.


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