Episode 8: Sunset (Intermission)

The Pandaren town of Halfhill.

      The hut was silent for a long time.

      Sionis let out a long sigh and leaned back in his seat, taking a moment to rub his eyes. The Loremaster had grown quite enraptured in the story, and the silence was the first moment that he bothered to look outside.

      The sun was nearly set and the hut was getting dark.

      Sionis snapped his finger and a few candles in the house ignited instantly. The Loremaster looked around and saw that the house, while small, was well kept and seemed to be a comfortable place to live.

      “You have a place to stay?” Sionis asked. “I can’t keep you here.”

      “Oh, right,” he replied. “I can stay at the Lazy Turnip.”

      “Good. You hungry? I can get you something before you head out.”

      “I’m still full,” the Loremaster answered. “You don’t have a record of any extended family that show up on—”

      “Listen, I’m not trying to be unfriendly here, but you’re gonna have to head out for the evening. I’ve got an early morning with the crops, and I’m still wearing my work clothes from when you showed up today.”

      “Of course, I’m sorry. I’ll go. I just… this is just all so important to me.”

      “Why is that?” Sionis dared to ask.

      “Prestige,” the Loremaster said proudly. “You’re a high profile story. There’s a lot of boring history out there, but not your life, Sionis Sepher. There’s rumors out there about you, and I get to be the one to confirm or dispel them. It’s an honor, to be sure.”

      Sionis offered up a half-cocked smile and nudged his head toward the door. “That’s good to hear. I’m glad I can help you out. Now, if you don’t mind?”

      The Loremaster nodded, gathering up his notes and quickly rushing out of the hut and back up the hill toward the Lazy Turnip. He knew he wasn’t going to sleep tonight, but that was okay. He had some research to do so that he would be ready for the morning.

      “Hey!” Sionis called from the entryway of his hut. “You know anything about farming?”

      “What?” the Loremaster asked. “No.”

      “Well, you’re going to learn. If you want to hear my story, you’re going to be here a while. Get some work clothes and meet me here at sunrise. You work the field with me during the day, and you get your story at night. Deal?”

      The Loremaster smiled wide. “Yes! Deal!”

      “Alright. Have a good night, kid.”

      The hut to Sionis’ door closed and the Loremaster felt elated. This was the real deal. He was going to get to work and experience life of his subject matter. There wasn’t a better scenario to land on. He reminded himself, as he walked to the inn, to thank the draenai woman that had offered him the tip on Sionis’ location.


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