Season 1 — Episode 8: Intermission (Striking Down the Iron Horde)

Sionis’ silence stretched on for a few moments and then a long sigh broke the quiet air and the mage leaned backward in his seat. The Loremaster had grown quite enraptured in the story Sionis had been sharing and the silence was slowly pulling him from the history.

“So, you had an Uncle?” he asked, hoping to prompt the story again.

Sionis looked at him for a moment, but this his eyes moved to look at something behind him and his face formed a frown. “What is it?.”

The Loremaster twisted toward the Inn’s opening. There, a young Draenai woman stood in thick plate armor with a large crystal axe in her left hand.

“Khadgar is prepared,” she announced. “We can strike at the holdouts.”

Sionis nodded. “What of our troops?”

She gave him a smirk. “They’ve been ready for weeks, Sepher.”

“Then we march,” Sionis said loudly. “Loremaster, I’m afraid you’ll have to excuse me for now. We’ve been hunting some Iron Horde remnants and they’ve been incredibly elusive. We have to strike the moment we lock onto them.”

The Draenai woman stepped toward the exit. “I will meet the magi in Talador at Fort Wrynn. You must prepare and teleport there.”

“Farewell for now Iliera, my dear,” Sepher said lovingly.

The Draenai disappeared and Sionis turned to the Loremaster. “I have some battle regalia that you can wear. You don’t want to go running in there wearing that silk garb.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re a priest,” Sionis replied.

“I’m a Loremaster.”

“A Loremaster that can heal the injured soldiers in my garrison,” Sionis replied.

“I just…”

“Do you want to know the rest of my story?” Sionis asked.

“More than anything,” the Loremaster replied.

“Then help me. Help us all fight for peace and order here on Draenor. In exchange for that service, I will tell you everything you want to know.”

“It is against the Loremaster code for me to participate in events like this.”

“I have no place here for those who do not wish to help.”

The Loremaster grumbled and then nodded, nervously at first, but more proudly the second time. “Fine, yes, I will help you.”

Sionis smiled. “That’s wonderful. Now come on, we’ll need to get you a decent set of armor.”

“I thought I would be healing?”

“Have you ever heard of a combat medic?” Sionis asked.


“Good. Then you’ll figure out the rest.”

The Loremaster didn’t resist. He went with Sionis and began putting on his armor. Fear gripped him in a way that he couldn’t begin to explain, but the knowledge that he was suiting up to fight with Sionis Sepher, the mage who had conquered the Iron Horde here on Draenor, was at least a little assuring.

On top of that, a small level of excitement reminded him that Sionis had just agreed to give him all-access to his life story, something that many individuals deny to the Loremasters. He had the golden ticket to a historical treasure trove. All he needed to do now was survive long enough to cash it in.


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