Season 4 — Episode 8: The Survivors

  We hit the ground hard over the last hill between us and the outpost that was being assaulted. At the crest, we both saw the the main ship was staying off the coast, but several smaller boats had nearly made landfall. Soldiers with guns in hand were ready to open fire on the Orcs,… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 8: The Survivors

Season 3 — Episode 8: Changes in the Wind

  Lady Sonea stayed with me during her visit, but I didn’t see her very much at all during the summer. She would rise early in the morning, scribble away at notes, and then vanish into the Violet Citadel for hours on end, only to return home for a quick bite before heading back in.… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 8: Changes in the Wind

Season 1 — Episode 8: Intermission (Striking Down the Iron Horde)

Sionis’ silence stretched on for a few moments and then a long sigh broke the quiet air and the mage leaned backward in his seat. The Loremaster had grown quite enraptured in the story Sionis had been sharing and the silence was slowly pulling him from the history. “So, you had an Uncle?” he asked,… Continue reading Season 1 — Episode 8: Intermission (Striking Down the Iron Horde)