Episode 17: Home Again (Intermission)

The tranquil town of Halfhill.

         As Sionis finished up his story, dark clouds were gathering on the horizon. He pulled in the last of his fishing lines and started to get his tackle-box organized. The Loremaster followed suit, rolling up his scrolls and letting the ink dry on this latest chapter.

         “So that was it for the alternate time line?” he asked, before putting away his pen.

         “Indeed,” Sionis replied. “Iliera and I returned to Stormwind the next day. It was wonderful for me, to step back through that portal and be on Azeroth once more. I had started to believe that I would never see it again, the citadel towering over the city, the mighty stone walls of the keep… but there it was. I was home.”

         “I imagine it was hard on Iliera?”

         “I don’t think so,” Sionis mused, smiling. “Iliera had trained her whole life to be ready for the Legion to come for her people, her home, everything she cared about. When they finally did show up on Draenor, our experience fighting against fel magic proved to be their undoing. They just hadn’t planned on us getting in the way. They failed to capture Draenor, but they did get Gul’dan, and he was the one they needed.”

         “What did they need him for?”

         “He was the one that opened the Tomb of Sargeras. He was the one that helped the Legion create the portal that would summon their endless armies to our world. The mightiest heroes tried to stop them, of course, but there was nothing to stop them once the portal was open. Their invasion of our world was swift, and it was going to take the full might of the Alliance to truly stop them in their tracks. Of course… that’s a story for another day.”

         “I assumed as much,” the Loremaster said, thankful he’d guessed correctly.

         “I caught a few good fish. You can come back home and I’ll fry them up if you want.”

         “I appreciate the offer, but the storm on the horizon looks a bit foreboding. I wouldn’t want to get caught in that before I’m home and tucked in for the night.”

         “Suit yourself,” Sionis said. He leaned forward, picking up his belongings to head back to his farm. “More for me.”

         “I do have one question,” the Loremaster asked. “It’s about Kaellax.”


         “Is she human?”

         Sionis contemplated the question for a bit, then seemed to settle on answer. He took a deep breath, then exhaled, then shrugged. “I think so.”

         “Well, how is she in all of these stories? She was an adult when you were a child. Surely she would be getting up in age by now, but you said she looked as youthful as the day you met her?”

         “Kaellax is a warlock,” Sionis said. “In truth, she’s a particularly powerful one.”

         “Warlocks aren’t immortal.”

         “No, not if they don’t want to be. Kaellax likes to siphon off a few years worth of life-force from evildoers and whoever else she caught, fought, or otherwise engaged with on unfriendly terms.”

         “You’re telling me she sucks the life out of people?”

         Sionis nodded, checking the sky and the looming storms. “She steals a few years here or there. She hasn’t directly harmed anyone, at least that I can think about, but she keeps herself alive and well. She always said she’d get bored of it eventually, but she hasn’t so far.”

         The Loremaster contemplated all of this for a moment, then shook his head.

         “Okay,” he said. “Alright. So we’re back from the alternate timeline and the Legion has come. So then, what—”

         “Those storms are getting close,” Sionis said, looking to the horizon.

         The Loremaster sighed internally. He knew that the mage wasn’t going to reveal anything else about his story, but he also knew they were getting to more recent events. There had to be more to learn about the wand, about how it played into the life of Sionis Sepher, and the Loremaster was going to hear it.

         One way or another.

         “I suppose I’ll take my leave,” he said as the wind began to kick up.

         “Come on down to the farm when the rains let up,” Sionis added. “We’ll pick up where we left off and I can tell you about the Legion, and the impact it had on my life.”

         Reluctantly, the Loremaster agreed. “I’ll see you soon, Sionis.” 

      Ominous thunder clapped in the sky above, and the pair went their separate ways.  

Sionis’ Aventure will continue in…

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