2020: Part 2

Hey everyone!

It’s been a wild six months. At the start of the year, we were busy writing and creating Township episodes, and my family was woefully unprepared for the world-changing events that have unfolded over the last four months.

It’s been chaotic. It’s been concerning.

There have been things we’ve grown to enjoy, such as our increase in family time, and there are things we’ve realized we greatly miss… like shopping malls!

We’ve realized that our privilege and position has offered us a great many freedoms and liberties that others within our own country do not have.

We have felt humbled. We have learned to stop talking and listen more, and we’ve finally taken the time and energy to find out how we can help enforce a better change for all of our citizens here.

All of this has been our focus over the last many months.

As we charge headfirst into the second half of 2020, I’m ready to start stretching my creative writing muscles again.

On that front, we’ve got a few projects that will be coming your way. The first is the return of Name of the Wand. The series is set in the World of Warcraft universe, and I have been working behind the scenes to clean up and publish new episodes that have been sitting around for the last decade or so. This is an organizational project as much as it is a writing one, so if you’re not super interested in Name of the Wand, don’t worry, it isn’t the only project coming to the site. You can expect a new episode of this series to drop every Saturday for the foreseeable future. If you’ve never checked out the series, you should definitely try it out. It’s been a blast to write over the years.

Meanwhile, Township, which is currently my main writing project, will be getting more news in regards to the fifth and sixth seasons, which will indeed wrap up the story for our space-faring World Ship and its crew.

There are a few other side projects we’re discussing as a family… such as LEGO build videos, reviews of LEGO products and games… game streaming… whatever might tickle our fancy, but I’ll keep announcements limited for now.

For any and all that are still here, eagerly awaiting news on any of my works, then I thank you again for your support, and I promise you that we will get the ball rolling again soon.

Best Regards,


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