Section 02.02: The Pantry

Article by: Elsie Lamarr

Each World Ship contains a massive area stocked to the brim with essential goods that encompass the every day lives of the citizens in town. I can’t describe this any more plainly… if you want something… it’s probably in the Warehouse.

Our helicopters, cars, building materials, generators, railroad beams… all of it.

In fact, the more we research this amazing facility, the more we discover its full potential. Recently, our engineers discovered a place in the Warehouse where we can interface with the Grid and design our own items and materials. The machinery with the Warehouse then undergoes a reconfiguration and builds us whatever it is that we might need!

As exciting as Section 02.01 Warehouse might be, the topic of today’s discussion is Section 02.02 Pantry. Set inside the larger facility is an amazing place that appears to have been designed for storage of raw food stuffs for use at later dates. We’re talking chillers, cold storage, deep cold storage, and dry age rooms too.

Unfortunately, as our engineers have since discovered, this area of the World Ship is currently offline, and attempts to reboot the facilities from the Grid have proven fruitless. We had long started to assume that we may never get this place operational again, but then with the help of David Nash in the Upper Level, we unlocked the secrets of the power systems.

We now know, beyond a doubt, that one of the power breakers has tripped from an unexpected power surge that hit our World Ship nearly a decade ago! Most of the other systems were fine, but the poor Pantry was unable to absorb the shock, and the breaker was thrown to protect the area.

This is where things begin to get exciting.

Here in town, thanks to the efforts of our farmers and rural families, food supplies now far exceed demand. That means our crops are being stockpiled, then thrown out, as they spoil long before use. We need the Pantry back online to help us solve this problem so that we can begin to store our food for the long term.

Using our top talent at the Grid, we studied the World Ship’s schematics tirelessly, but we were saddened to learn that many of the ship’s power systems are all the way in the rear of the World Ship, far beyond our current reach.

We dug deeper, not satisfied with this news.

Then, we found it! It was our Eureka moment!

The World Ship has a set of breakers for many of the critical systems within the Habitat module. Namely, they’re located in Section 05, also known as the Garage.

Now, I’ve written about the Garage before, in my letter covering the Lower Level sections. You’ll take note that I mentioned how dangerous this area of the ship is because it is a hanger, which includes large doors that open to the void of the great beyond.

The World Ship used this to its design advantage, as any electrical or power failures that result in a fire can be quickly vented out using the hangar doors. It’s genius, really.

So, there we have our scenario. The breaker, and the controls to physically reset it, are in the Garage, and if we do so we can reactivate the Pantry, allowing us to explore a plethora of food storage options for long term survival.

This week we gained approval from the town council to sent Explorer Two on a mission to cross the threshold into the Garage. Their job will be simple… fly in, take some photos, and fly out. We have much research to do before we’re ready to take action, but we believe that we can return the power to the breaker and power up the Pantry.

So there we have it. I won’t pretend that this will not be a dangerous mission, but we have our best people preparing as I write this letter. In the coming weeks, we will solidify the details, and when we’re ready I’m sure you’ll know.

Next Week…

Imagine a data center… a building full of computers.

Got it?

Now imagine an entire city… multitudes larger than our town… one big massive data center.

Next week, let’s talk about the Grid.

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