My COVID-19 Post

There has been a lot going on in the last several weeks.

I’m honestly quite blown away by it all. It seems a bit surreal to admit it. My family dynamic has been completely upended (TechnicolorMom and I are working from home and our daughter is attempting to remain entertained here with us), the lack of social interactions has made me realize how much I actually enjoyed going to the office each day, and all the while the world continues to spin, the sun rises and sets, and it all feels like we’re caught in some strange reality that isn’t quite our own.

So much has happened that it seems absurd for me to not mention it here in some fashion or another.

My family is currently healthy and we have been spared from much of the chaos that this global pandemic has introduced to society at large. I remain cautiously optimistic that we, as a community at large, will overcome this event the same way we have overcome so many other dangerous events in our lives.

I know that many of us may not consider ourselves vulnerable to the virus, but at the same time many of us know at least one person in our lives that are at an increased risk of catching this virus. We worry about them and we wonder how we can help, not only them, but everyone, to avoid exposure.

I have found it difficult to focus on my creative writing over the last several weeks. The weight of our situation makes it hard for me to run off to lands of fancy in my mind as the real thoughts of our situation seem to intercept my thoughts.

Instead, I’ve been leaning a lot on video games as a support system. I’m currently bouncing between several titles, which I can talk about in a more lighthearted post later. The key takeaway is that their fictional worlds are already created and I can simply jump in to get away from my thoughts, so I’ve opted for that several nights this week.

Despite this, I have long had Township Season 4 written, so it will continue to post each week. I think, as with everything else in the world right now, I will need to make a judgement call about when/where/how Season 5 will arrive.

To anyone and everyone that reads these posts, know that I am thankful for your time and I wish each and every one of you the best of health as we continue to push through this crisis. Together we will arrive at the other side, stronger than we were before, and we will remind ourselves of this dark time when we are older… reminding those that your lives can change in an instant.

Stay healthy, everyone.

I used to go outside…

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