Brick by Brick: A New Segment

During the first season of Township, the World Ship is a mystery to almost all of the citizens. Some of them even debate what kind of container it is that holds them.

In the last few moments of the season one finale, “Election Day”, Olivia Sun learns that a they have been receiving tons of data from an unknown source, broadcast to them from another part of the World Ship, and that triggers two important things for the show:

  • The Exploration of the Upper Levels
  • The Deciphering of the Transmitted Data
Olivia learns more about the data transmission in season one.

In the season two episode, “Plots and Deception”, we learn that Olivia Sun tasked the young and talented engineer Elsie Lamarr with deciphering all of the data that was pushed to Explorer One. We learn that Elsie has accomplished her task with great efficiency. Not only was she able to decode the transmissions, but her work lead to a breakthrough in understanding the World Ship itself.

While Olivia is impressed by her work, she finds her personality to be frustrating and combative. In a decision that Elsie laments, and Olivia relishes, the young engineer is transferred to continue her work at the Grid. Initially, Elsie sees this as punishment for outshining Olivia, but eventually she comes to understand that being close to the World Ship mainframe computer is invaluable to her work efforts.

Elsie Lamarr (outdated) reveals her findings to the Explorers in season two.

This decision would also rocket Elsie to the top of the Explorer leadership in the season three episode, “Get to the Chopper!”, as she is Olivia’s most trusted individual at the Grid during Rayland Walsh’s attempted coup d’é·tat.

While her work on understanding the World Ship was put on hold to deal with this community crisis, Elsie never lost interest in understanding the vehicle that they called home.

Elsie Lamarr is thrown into conflict with Rayland as leader of the Explorers in season three.

When the conflict in town was finally resolved, Elsie was free to return to her work. Olivia Sun made her the official leader of the Explorers, and she capitalized on that power by dedicating more individuals than ever to her own interested research.

Most recently, Elsie has created the Brick by Brick program, which works with Johnathan Davis to publish weekly information that the Explorer team has been able to determine thanks to her endless efforts. This transparency is very welcome among the community and together the citizens of this World Ship have started to learn more about their marvelous home.

Elsie Lamarr in charge of the Explorers in season four.

The Brick by Brick segments will run on Thursdays here at Technicooldad. These will mostly encompass informational posts about the world of my show, Township, told from the perspective of Elsie Lamarr or one of the other incredibly talented engineers on the Explorer team.

I’m hoping this small experiment in world building might better utilize the Thursday space that was reserved for “behind the bricks” last season.

I’m always welcome to feedback about these ideas, so feel free to comment or let me know directly if this content isn’t to your liking!

Have fun out there!

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