BTB: The Precipice of War

Build it Up!

This week’s episode focused on the confrontation between Leonard and Rayland. We had some extra sets on display this week too:

Writer’s Thoughts

A controversial photo for me!

As far as confrontations go, this one was probably not as explosive as it might have been in other media. The truth be told, I have made a promise to myself that this story will not cross over into “PG-13” territory. I want to be able to tell this story to my child in a few years and the result is that I must be mindful of every element used.

In fact, I waffled a long time with the use of guns at all. I was originally against them being in the story at all, but eventually relented when I realized that they can be effectively demonstrated here as what they are… dangerous tools that can far too easily end up in the hands of the wrong people.

Leonard had the high ground, though after coming to Town Hall and seeing that Samantha had tipped off the council, he had decisions to make. Sure, he could have forced them to step down, or maybe even taking it a step further with a permanent removal, but where would that have gotten him?

Meanwhile, as viewers, we know that death may not be all that permanent at all. The council is obviously in on that too… at least to some extent, but Leonard is oblivious. So, he might have committed a terrible crime just to have his victims return and arrest him!

With Leonard backing down, Olivia and Rayland’s conflict at an end, and confirmation that David Nash is safe in the Upper Levels, it seems that this nasty incident can finally be put to bed.

Come back Tuesday for the season finale, “Resolution” to learn more about where we might end up next…

One More Thing…

As a special bonus, we have a Township Holiday Special coming out during the Christmas holiday (the week of December 23rd). It will be a multi-day episodic release that picks up between Season 3 and the upcoming Season 4 (2020).

As we draw near to all of the holidays, no matter your background, we wish you the best and happiest of times in the final weeks of 2019.

Stay tuned!!!

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