BTB: The Hub

Build it Up!

This week was a big episode for building sets. It features one of my favorite lego sets ever, Ninjago City, which is where all the Hub locations were photographed. We had a few visitors, with Submarine Zero-Zero at the docks and our shot with Olivia at Launch Control too.

Writer’s Thoughts

At long last we get our first look at Ronin’s origins. So far, the Upper Levels have been sporadic, with fishermen, huts, and underwater labs, but getting a look at the Hub is a chance for both the reader (and David Nash) to realize that there’s more up here than just a feud between Thresher and Ronin. There’s a whole city!

It’s clear that Ronin’s city is far more “aware” of the World Ship, having already hacked into the radio systems and clearly knowledgeable about the mechanical designs of the vessel, but we’re really not shown how much more these Upper Level folks know that Olivia’s people aren’t aware of back in town. After all, we have the Grid. We’re pretty mindful of our surrounds too, right?

As a kind of visualization of this… imagine if town had been established on top of the Grid. You might have ended up with something more akin to the Hub. While Olivia tried to separate the technological side from the home-like feeling of town, it’s clear that Ronin jumped right in with informing everyone and everything of the World Ship and its nature.

Time will tell who made the better call.

That is… assuming the town can resolve their tensions!?!

I definitely wrote this episode as the penultimate for the season arc. Olivia knows David Nash is safe, which means there is no need to send a rescue mission, right? What will she do with that information? Is there still time to negotiate a deal with Rayland? How does Leonard fit into all of this?!

Find out next week, when “On the Precipice of War” is posted!

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