BTB: Jailbreak

Build it Up!

This week was a return to town. We had some minor photo edits to reflect a more accurate “night time” escape.

Writer’s Thoughts

In a way, this might be one of the oldest episodes of The Township. I recall very well, bringing home the brick bank and thinking about the little access hatch from the roof to the bank vault. I immediately imagined someone slipping down the pipe and breaking in, a clear intent from the LEGO designer that I was overjoyed to see in the set.

The release of Jailbreak, comically enough, also marked the one year anniversary of my initial idea to create a story that could be told using LEGO bricks for photographic enhancement.

But enough reflection… what about the episode?

Right, so there we have it. Olivia has escaped from her confinement and is on her way toward the Grid. Meanwhile, Samantha Valentine has put herself in an interesting position, one that may mean everything to the town’s safety!

We don’t really touch on Ronin much, but you have to wonder what he’s feeling like as this all unfolds around him. One of the reasons I decided not to spend much time on his character here is that we already see a similar situation from David’s point of view. Ronin, like David, is a man out of his element and rolling with the punches as they come. He’s dealt with captivity, and now liberation, and we can’t help but wonder where he will end up next…

Time will tell!!!

And John? Well, let’s be honest. John is probably just happy to see Ruby again!

This week, tomorrow actually, the next episode will go live and we will be near the end of Season 3. As I have mentioned in an earlier segment, I have plenty to talk about when it comes to the future of The Township, but I will be waiting until the season finale to talk about anything else.

On that note, I will keep this short.

For everyone here in the United States, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. For those outside of the U.S. may your week be a special one too. I look forward to talking with everyone very soon!!!

Stay tuned for The Hub, coming tomorrow!!!

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