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Build it Up!

One of my favorite things about the World Ship design is that we have the Upper and Lower Levels of the ship. While the Lower Levels are meant to serve as a more traditional environment, with the town, the Upper Levels are far more oceanic. Going with that, we had several sets based on water this week:

Writer’s Thoughts

David Nash has been on an adventure this season. There is more to come for the protagonist, to be sure, but Anton’s shop has served him well on his journey. Often times life treats us the same way. We may feel like things are stable, only to have one tumultuous change after another, all in rapid succession, until we finally arrive at a location where we just… stop. The spinning finally ends, and we find ourselves able to take a deep breath. We can, for however briefly we are spared, try to sort ourselves out and figure out how to move forward from there.

David owes a lot to Anton.

Anton’s shop was that break for David Nash, and it was well timed. As we see in this week’s episode, David is no longer interested in being led around as a prisoner or an exile. He takes charge of the situation, thanks to Anton’s help, and confronts his would-be captors to make them face their actions.

By the episode’s conclusion we see David Nash continuing his journey across the Upper Levels, but no longer as a sheltered prisoner or a scared follower. He stands side by side with the citizens of this realm and has taken the charge of his path.

A fine development, indeed.

The adventures in the Upper Levels will continue in a few weeks, but next week is a real treat. Due to the nature of the events in town, next week’s episode “Jailbreak”, will be two parts, posting on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Behind the Bricks for that episode posting on Thursday as normal.

After that, we have just three episodes left in Season 3 of The Township. The last episode should go live on December 10, 2019! From there, we’ll have a brief winter holiday reprieve from The Township, but there will be more news on that in the coming weeks.

Until then, I look forward to continuing this creative writing and photographic adventure with each and every one of you and I hope you are enjoying it too!

See you soon!

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