BTB: Escape Plan

Build it Up!

We had less sets lined up for this episode. The major focus takes place at the GRID, so putting together some kind of office for Elsie Lamarr was important. We also dabbled in our next bit of photo editing, with Elsie and Rayland sharing a shot together despite being in different locations.

My first attempt at merging two characters together that are speaking over the radio.

Writer’s Thoughts

Things in town have escalated pretty far. To be frank, when I started writing the season, I didn’t anticipate them getting this out of control. In a way, I don’t think Olivia, Elsie, or even Rayland expected it either.

But we are where we are, and our characters are forced to double down.

The Grid is well-equipped for independence, as Olivia had always considered it a separate location from town. This, no doubt, is a double-edged sword. The same independence that the Grid has maintained no doubt also serves as one of the major reasons Rayland is so bothered.

This episode brings us back to Elsie Lamarr, someone who initially sought Olivia’s power and prominence, but has achieved her goal to find that she doesn’t really care for it at all.

Thankfully, she’s a very smart individual and her leadership has helped the Grid take their first steps toward securing their long term safety. She can’t, however, accept Olivia’s fate in the bank vault.

We learn that she’ll be working with someone in town to free Olivia and bring her to the Grid, where they can regroup and decide on how to resolve this horrible situation.

Ruby Rose is here, witnessing all of this, and she’s not happy about it. She definitely got roped into a bad situation by trusting in Olivia’s judgement. She is an outlaw in Rayland’s eyes, as are all of the people holding out in the Grid. She is separated from John, from her home, and she isn’t confident that there is a resolution to this mess.

Still, Rayland’s view of the future is concerning enough to her that she agrees with Elsie’s plan and signs up to fly the helicopter on a rescue mission.

In town, John learns that Samantha Valentine is working behind Rayland’s back to organize Olivia’s jailbreak. Surprised, John agrees to help, though he’s skeptical about the whole situation.

And of course, we learn soon after that Samantha isn’t up to any good. She updates Leonard Calgray on the progress of the jailbreak and Leonard is pleased with the progress. He hints that there’s more to the plan than he’s let Samantha know and that puts her on edge.

The wheels are in motion in town. John is set to free Olivia, Leonard is set to capture them both. Samantha is in control of a monumental moment in the town’s history and in the moment, she might well be blind to the truth!

Come back next week for The Next Move, where David Nash’s peaceful existence at the Bait Shop is jeopardized!

One thought on “BTB: Escape Plan

  1. Hello, I like your story, and I am new at this type of writing, but I still like it very much. I hope you take the time to check out my own blog, I call it the three bears. A big bear hug to you!


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