BTB: A Simple Life

Build it Up!

This episode called for a nice mix of sets, some used for memories, and others used to highlight the watery world where David Nash now lives.

Writer’s Thoughts

David finally gets some rest.

While the tension continues to rise in town, it appears that David Nash has finally found some peace at the doorstep of Anton’s Bait Shop.

Unfortunately, Anton seems to come from the same vein of mystery that has haunted David since his arrival. The older man clearly has a great deal of information about the World Ship, but there is a hesitation to share it with anyone.

The information surrounding our World Ship continues to trickle in during this episode. We learn from Anton that the Upper Levels were designed to be flooded, a water reclamation and filtering process that supports the entire infrastructure inside the ship.

We also learn of a second Core, this one in the Upper Levels. They have a different name for theirs, the “Room“. Naming aside, the mechanics sound identical. Citizens wake up with no memories outside of a name. As time goes on, they find that they do have a recollection of at least something… be it a valuable skill or other concentrated intelligence.

David has found a fountain of information here with Anton. At the core, David is an Explorer, through and through. For him, this bait store is a fantastic discovery. Despite his inability to get home, he is learning, and that’s all he could ever ask for.

Come back next week for The Escape Plan, a new episode that returns to town to check in on the growing tension!

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