BTB: The Prisoners

Build it Up!

We had an interesting variety this week, pulling together some special sets to build out a few locales and touching back on memories of the past. Some of the sets we used included:

Crashing in a memory!

Writer’s Thoughts

This episode was one of my favorites to write. I am reminded, with each new sentence, that Rayland and Olivia appear to be completely incompatible with understanding the other. The confrontation that has resulted, and the rising tension that looms over Olivia, is in many ways stemming from her own inability to control the Mayor. Meanwhile, the anger and frustration that the Mayor constantly feels is the direct result of his inability to communicate with his biggest critic.

Despite the heavy tones of potentially shooting down a rescue mission, the next meaty piece of the episode revolves around the events of the Icarus incident. We learned that Flynn had come from the Core… was lost… and then arrived from the Core again, completely unaware that he had already come and gone.

Another memory, unused in this episode, with Olivia, David Nash, and Ruby Rose.

This was my first chance to really give my audience a view of how the Core actually works. There is discussion to be had about what caused something like two Flynns to arrive. It was assumed that Flynn died, and the Core replaced him with a fresh Flynn. This begs the question of… how many other Flynns could the ship make? Is everyone on board like this? If David Nash were killed, would he return too?

Of course, I assume everyone caught Ronin’s revelation as well. He stated, quite plainly, that he has been outside of our World Ship. If we couple this with another tease in last week’s episode, when Thresher implied he might not have come from the Core at all, it appears the stories that these two individuals have to tell is far from over.

So, with the mysterious mysteries out of the way, the town is left with a real problem. The Mayor is making his stand against Olivia’s agenda to save David, and he’s seemingly willing to use explosive firepower to make it happen. With Bryan recruiting Johnathan to help ease the tension, we have to wonder what the poor writer can possibly do to help. Here’s hoping miracles exist on the World Ship!

Tune in next week for episode six, “A Simple Life” to discover what became of David after he was stranded at sea, surrounded by the wreckage of his lost ride home.

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