The Phoenix Reborn

“Here we go again…”

Today, Tuesday February 5, 2019.

A change is coming to WoW…

Sionis Sepher, the Fire Mage of Stormwind, is returning to raid duty!

It’s true. After letting Fynn have the wheel for the better part of the last 3 years, I’ve decided to give my fire mage an opportunity to return to the front lines. He’ll be stepping into normal Battle for Dazar’alor this evening and I have to admit, after healing for so long, I’m a little nervous about the infamous DPS category!

Over the weekend, my friend helped me run the ol’ mage through some world quests, warfronts, and LFR to bump my ilvl from 348 to 371. I was blown away with how easy it was to gear the mage and it was a big reminder that no matter how much you grind in an MMO, the next patch is going to equalize the crowd. That’s not a bad thing, just a valuable lesson to consider next time you think you need that 10ilvl upgrade.

Now that I’m bringing the mage back online, I realize I also need to work on reputations, story quests, and everything else that Sionis doesn’t have for BFA, not because I need it, but because I’m a bit of a completionist and I can’t help myself when it comes to stuff like that.

I know that after tackling the raid for a few nights I might decide that bringing a mage isn’t the right call, but I feel like Sionis has the seniority to demand the opportunity before I try running with Retribution Fynn.

I’ll keep you all updated on Sionis’ progress… or better yet… why not check it out yourself!?!?

That’s right! At 8:30PM (EST) on Tuesday February 5, 2019 (tonight), I will be live streaming my first attempt with the mage on the Technicool Dad Youtube channel.

It’s going to be an exciting time!

I’m relatively new to the whole streaming thing, but here’s a fun time I had last night running a +2 Siege of Boralus with my friends!

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