WoW: Peace in Desolace

This story is about centaurs.

Twelve years ago, Sionis Sepher, acting on behalf of the Alliance, initiated war with a clan of centaurs in the isolated deserts of Desolace.

Someday, they’ll have a great civilization…

The Magram Centaur clan had been at war with the Gelkis clan for ages. The two tribes saw fundamental flaws in their approaches to life and death for centuries. Their conflict, as is usually the case, was stirring up trouble with many of the locals in the area.

At the time, a much younger Sionis Sepher was dispatched with a Night Elf companion named Keaira. The two of them traveled to Desolace and reached out to both clans in an attempt to better understand the area, the peoples, and scout possible Horde activities.

Sionis felt uniting with the Gelkis Centaur clan was the safest option. Their leadership was more spiritual and connected to the planet. Keaira, the Night Elf, felt a strong tie to their way of life. The Magram were creatures of war. They did not seem that unlike the Horde itself.

Red Banner… war-like mentality… For the Horde?

When the chief of the Magram Centaur got word that the Alliance was working with the Gelkis clan, he declared war. Sionis, in his youth, could have handled the situation better. There was fire and explosions and the regenerating magics of a druid involved, but at the end of the day, the pair left Desolace with their first experience of having a reputation for being hated.

The Cataclysm

In the aftermath of the second sundering, known as the Cataclysm, an army arose in the deserts of Desolace, their leader intent on taking the lands as a staging ground for the Legion. The Magram and Gelkis clans were both too weak to stand a chance against them alone and hope was running low.

Agogridon – Commander of the Legion Assault

Sionis Sepher was once again dispatched to Desolace as an Ambassador. There he was able to strike a deal with the centaur clans. A coalition force, of both clans, tied together with the Cenarion Circle druids, which together would be strong enough to overcome the forces that had laid siege to their lands.

Fighting the Legion – Gelkis and Magram Unite!

Ultimately, this plan worked and Sionis Sepher returned to Stormwind knowing that he had at least helped to establish a kind of cease-fire situation between the two clans. Sure, the Magram still hated him, but they weren’t outright attacking him anymore.

Present Day

Years now have passed since even the Cataclysm. Sionis has fought through alternate timelines, defeated the Burning Legion, and even taken some time to care for a farm in Pandaria. The world is a different place than it was twelve years ago.

That’s why the mage was so stunned this week when he was summoned back to Desolace by the Cenarion Circle. The tauren in charge out there, one Karnum Marshweaver, was happy to fill Sionis in on the good news when he arrived.

Karnum Marshweaver

After years of back and forth… the Magram and Gelkis clans had agreed to put their differences aside and end the conflict that Sionis himself had become entangled in all those years ago.

This meant, that starting this very day, an alliance with the Gelkis did not mean the Magram would shun you, or vice versa.

Now, thanks to years of work from a lot of parties, Sionis Sepher was no longer hated. In fact, in recognition of his efforts both twelve years ago and during the Cataclysm, he was officially pardoned of any negative claims by both clan leaders and his reputation was revised to that of Exalted.

In a moment of somber reflection, Karnum also awarded the Night Elf Keaira with this same honor, though she is no longer with us to accept it.

Vindication. A decade later.

So, as we think about all of the tension that continues to build around us here in Azeroth, let us not forget the story of the centaur clans in Desolace. Their unique thoughts led them to conflict, but their desire to live free forced them together once more. In the aftermath, they could have gone back to warring with one another, but the bonds forced in the heat of battle were stronger than that.

Let peace reign over our world!

Huzzah! For Azeroth!


Writer’s Note: The long and short of this is that you can now get to Exalted with the Gelkis and Magram Centaurs by going to Desolace and completing the zone’s quests. If you’ve already done the quests, no problem, go talk to Karnum Marshweaver and he will grant you all the rep you need to reach Exalted. I know there’s so many other things going on with 8.0 that demand attention, but honestly this was a personal victory for me after playing this game for years. Kudos Blizzard. You made at least one fan very happy.

2 thoughts on “WoW: Peace in Desolace

  1. Aah, very nice. More of this, please 🙂 Those factions have always been somewhat lost on me. I really cherish posts like this, with an overview of lore behind something, that is easy to “digest” if that makes sense? I’m a huge fan of Nobbles (Wow Lore youtuber) and other sites, but oh, my time to game and relax is little, so this is handy, thanks 🙂

    I agree, what a nice turn of events. And good way to view it. I wonder what BfA will mean for the Alliance and Horde, and what we will end up doing on the other side…

    Liked by 1 person

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