Season 4 — Episode 11: Intermission (The Invasion Continues)


By now, Sionis Sepher had finished using his magical energy to create any new bandages. He finished the last part of his story and then gave a look to the Loremaster that signaled the latest chapter was at its close.

“A fascinating piece of history,” the Loremaster said, now resting on the cot where the patients had been coming in before. “I’m impressed that you summarized such major events into small nuggets.”

“I’m just one man,” Sionis replied. “I couldn’t give you the deep history you sought if you wanted.”

“I know. I don’t mean to pry. It is just that with Theramore Isle gone, there aren’t as many veterans of the war as there once were. Our chronicled history on those events is sparse, at best. At least we can add your own account of the events to the history books.”

Sionis glanced outside the tent and then raised his brows. “I guess that’s the end of the wounded.”

“Thank goodness too.”

“The demons aren’t letting up,” Sionis added, his face lined with concern. “We can’t just keep running all over the kingdoms. We’re being too reactionary.”

“What would you recommend, then?”

“I don’t know,” he admitted. “Perhaps—”

“Sionis!” Iliera’s voice echoed outside. “Sionis!”

The mage rushed out of his tent and found Iliera making her way to him. Her armor was coated with fel-tainted blood and she looked like she had taken a beating in a few places, but she walked straight and carried her shield without trouble.

“What is it?” he asked her.

“The Alliance is calling all able-bodied veterans to return to Stormwind.”

“Do we know why?”

“Details are limited. The best I have heard is that we’re going to launch an assault on the demonic gateway that has opened on the Broken Isles.”

“A full scale assault?”

“With the Alliance and Horde fighting side by side,” Iliera added.

Sionis had known Iliera a long time. She didn’t want to admit it, but killing and fighting demons was part of the mythos of being a kid on Draenor. They talked about it, pretended to fight for the Army of the Light, and always debated how many demons they might slay someday. In many ways, Iliera’s current situation was a dream come true.

“We will go,” Sionis said. “We can’t turn down an offer like that.”

“If you’ll have me,” a new voice added. “I too would like to fight.”

Sionis turned and saw the human paladin named Fÿnn. The paladin with the golden blonde hair; the boy that Sellia had cared for all those years ago. To see the child all grown up, weapon in hand… it was inspiring. So much had been lost when Theramore was destroyed. To know that someone like Fÿnn had survived made the news slightly less terrible to bear.

“You can come with us,” Sionis said. “Stand with Iliera and I. We would be proud to have you.”

“I’m sure you’ll need a healer too,” the Loremaster said at last. “Sign me up too.”

“A true party,” Iliera said, a wide smile. “The Light will be with us. We will go to the Broken Shore and we will send these demons back to the twisting nether!”

“What about your continued adventures?” The Loremaster asked. “What about your return to the Eastern Kingdoms and everything that happened after that. You have given me so many new questions. The wand’s name was Iliera. That’s her name too,” he said, gesturing to the paladin that stood at Sionis’ side. “Is it just coincidence?”

Sionis frowned and then offered a shrug. “That, dear Loremaster, I cannot say. I never saw the wand again after that day. It remained with Sellia in Theramore until it met its end.”

“There has to be more to your story,” the Loremaster added. “I know you didn’t stop adventuring once you reached the Eastern Kingdoms.”

“Too right you are,” Sionis said with a grin. “The adventures did continue, but I’m afraid that is a story for another time.”

“Agreed,” Iliera said. “We fight or we die. The stories must wait.”

“Here here,” Fÿnn echoed with a cheer. “For the Alliance!”

The Loremaster joined in the cheer and went to gather his things, carefully rolling the final scroll of Sionis’ grand adventures from his younger years. He knew, however, that the time would come, some day, when he would learn more about the adventures of Sionis Sepher, the famous fire mage of Stormwind. After all, there was an entire world of adventure out there…


The End


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