Episode 38: On the Horizon (Intermission)

The Pandaren town of Halfhill.

      So, that was the revelation.

      The wand, given to Sionis by Lady Sonea in his childhood, was named Iliera. The Loremaster waited as long as he could, then finally tapped his quill to stop taking notes and turned to face Sionis.

      “So wait. You finally found the name, and then, you just left it?”

      Sionis nodded. “Of course. The wand was better suited in Sellia’s hands than my own. She was very good at using it for magical purposes, and I had already lost it once, hadn’t I?”

      “But, how did we get from there to here,” the Loremaster asked, pulling the broken pieces of wood from his backpack and placing them on the table. “Is this not the same wand? Is this not Iliera?”

      Sionis smiled. “Did you think the story was over?”

      The Loremaster made an audible sigh of relief. “Okay. So there is more?”

      “A lot more, young Loremaster,” Sionis said. “For another day, of course.”

      “I’ve done some cursory notes here,” the Loremaster continued. “You showed up in Stormwind, lived at your old homestead for several years, then joined up with the Outland Campaign. You didn’t see any front line action… but then you… oh.”

      “A story for another time,” Sionis said again.

      “Of course. I’m sorry.”

      “Listen, Aier, there’s a lot of days ahead filled with me talking about my life. I imagine you’re going to want to keep eating and sleeping at the Lazy Turnip, am I correct?”

      “That’s right.”

      “We’re going to have to talk employment then,” Sionis said. “The Pandaren don’t like someone living off their farms without putting in the effort.”

      “I have plenty of money,” the Loremaster replied. “I’m not here for…”

      He drifted, looking at Sionis’ stern face. “Okay, fine. What do we do?”

      “You’re going to work for me,” Sionis answered. “Farmhand. Errand boy.”

      “I can’t say I’m thrilled to hear that.”

      “I think you might be more pleased than you want to admit.”

      The Loremaster didn’t say it, but he was very pleased. The truth of the matter was, this had turned into far more than a simple Loremaster task for him. This story, this individual, that he documented… it was personal. He had a connection to Sionis now that almost no one else in all of Azeroth could pretend to have.

      Likewise, Sionis had to feel the same way. His story had been filled with sadness and loss, and the Loremaster wasn’t a fool, this world was full of war, and Sionis Sepher was notorious for being involved in those wars. The loss and the pain would continue, on and on, from here to the horizon.

      In fact, the Loremaster realized he might be one of the only contacts that Sepher had in his life at this time. He frowned, thinking of asking for a moment, and then deciding against it. The path forward was right in front of him. He would work for Sepher, he would hear the continuing stories, and he would eventually have the full story of Sionis Sepher, the fire mage of Stormwind.

      “Okay,” he said proudly. “Consider me your employee. What’s first?”

      “Dishes,” Sionis said flatly. “I just cooked all day, and while the food brings me joy, the leftover dishes most certainly do not.”

      “Wait, what are you going to do?” the Loremaster asked.

      “Sleep,” Sionis said. “You can go when you’re done. I’ll see you tomorrow for work in the fields. Oh, there’s so much we need to catch up on, young Loremaster. Be ready to get those hands dirty, yeah?”

      The Loremaster knew that Sionis was ribbing him, and offered up a hearty eye roll in response. Then, as Sionis laid down to get some well-deserved rest, the Loremaster took his place at the small kitchen sink and started the running water so that he could wash the dishes.

      This was the story of a lifetime, and he was standing on the horizon, ready for more.

Sionis’ Adventure will continue in…

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