Parenthood: One Year Later


One year ago today, my wife and I were heavily involved in the most chaotic event that we have ever experienced together.

After nine months of planning, preparing, and getting really excited/nervous, we were finally at the hospital with doctors surrounding us, telling us to remain calm, and most importantly telling her to PUUUUUSH!

Those first hours with Jaina come to mind so easily. Hearing her first cries as the nurse washed her off, her breathing as she laid on mommy’s chest for the very first time, the subtle smack of her lips as she started to figure out she was hungry… everything was so new and amazing, for us as parents and for her as an infant.

IMG_20170301_082540.jpgThe three of us truly kicked off our grand adventure that day and now 365 days have gone by in a breeze. Our little girl is already one year old and each new day she learns more about the world around her while also teaching mommy and daddy a few lessons too.

In many ways it feels like we’re all in this together and it honestly feels like it has always been this way. Thinking on the subject just the other night I recall us both mentioning that it is hard to remember life without our daughter. We know it existed, but even when we speak of the early days it is almost as though our little one has snuck into our memories and placed herself there beside us.

We have always had her and she has always had us. She’s just a little more present now than she was back then!

IMG_20170809_154835 I am ever so thankful that I can close out each day by coming home to the smile of both my wife and my child. It means a great deal to me that together we have created a new life, a precious light in the world that we now seek to protect, nurture, and grow into a powerful individual who knows only the boundaries of time and space (unless she creates a time machine, which is cool too).

So, happy birthday to you, Jaina! You are truly a rock star and you are my <insert baby name here>*:

*Names include:

  • Sugar Bear
  • Honey Bear
  • Skittles
  • Skibbles
  • Squibbles
  • Lil’ bit
  • Honey Bun

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