Parenthood: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Sometimes, work requires that you travel. When I was working for my previous company, travel wasn’t irregular, but it wasn’t a big deal for me to pack up and move from my bachelor pad to a hotel room.

Since moving to Google, I’ve had the fortune of only traveling a few times a year. It’s rare that a trip across the U.S. is part of my docket for the week, and this will be my first long distance trip since the baby was born!

Tickle me anxious.

Some people are afraid of snakes. My nightmares have planes in them.

The first issue is, of course, that I’m a nervous flyer. I’ve flown all over this country and each time I’m just as nervous as the last. I’m mindful that we’re basically all strapped into a metal tube that’s hurtling through the air at hundreds of miles an hour while delicately balanced at thirty-five thousand feet…

But I digress. I’m smart enough to know that air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation out there. Regardless of that, it’s still also one of the most awe-inspiring forms of transportation. It remains relatively inaccessible as well, with an estimated number ranging between only 4-6% of the world’s population having ever traveling by plane. Sometimes living here in the states, I think we get a little complacent with “normal”, but the magic of flight is an amazing feat of technology.

That being said, I’m always going to have a bouncy knee while the twin engines fling me toward my destination!

The bigger issue this time around is leaving my wife and child behind. There’s an element of panic at the idea that I’ll be on the other side of the country, well out of reach if an emergency pops up.

Sure, I’d be able to run down to the airport, jump on another flight, and be home in just five hours, but there’s too many variables. What if there aren’t any tickets? What if I get bumped or a storm cancels my flight? Or let’s flip the equation? What if I fall ill while I’m away? Will my wife be able to reach me!?

In the grand scheme of things, I imagine that it’ll play out as it always has in the past. We land, I do my business, and Friday evening I’ll be eating dinner with wife and child back home.

It’s so easy to write that down, but it does little to stem the worrying.

With all the wonderfully positive things that I have in my life, I try not to let these little issues, simple concerns like travel, dominate my mindset. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve got some room to grow in this department.

What are your thoughts? Do you like work trips? I’ve heard some people like the break from the mom or dad routine. Maybe in a few years I’ll know what they mean. For now it’s just all too new and exciting to want to step away!




One thought on “Parenthood: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

  1. Since I stay at home, I can’t really give an honest answer but I think if I was working, it might be hard to leave my little guy and wife behind. It’s impressive you are able to do it!

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