Episode 7: The Enchantress Revealed

       Iliera stood beside the unconscious Fÿnn while, slowly, Syanna waved her hands around an arcane spell floating in the air. Over the years, Syanna had proven to be an invaluable ally to Iliera, not just as a member of the Remnants, but as a trusted personal friend. Syanna had dealt with eons… Continue reading Episode 7: The Enchantress Revealed

Season 4 — Episode 7: After the War

  After the war, we went back to Theramore. The demons were purged, the Burning Legion pushed back against our might and determination, and the fires of green were largely extinguished. We had survived the fighting, but now we had to fight for our own survival. Wood huts and simple hunting parties wouldn’t keep us… Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 7: After the War

Season 3 — Episode 7: Lady Sonea Returns

  By the time summer came and my classes were released, Dalaran had reopened communication with the south. I had sent several letters to Uncle Maron about the plague and he had responded that he would be more comfortable if I returned to New Stormwind. I certainly contemplated the idea, but the sheer knowledge I… Continue reading Season 3 — Episode 7: Lady Sonea Returns

Season 2 — Episode 7: Attack on Maron

The trip to Grand Hamlet in the southern forest started off rather uncomfortably for me. I woke early that morning and went to work on prepping Surfal for the ride. It wouldn’t be long, just a day trip at a casual pace, but it was still further from Stormwind then I’d travelled since leaving Dalaran.… Continue reading Season 2 — Episode 7: Attack on Maron

Season 1 — Episode 7: Stormy Seas and Stone Manors

I’ve heard a lot of great opinions about traveling by sea. Personally, if I never set foot on a ship again I’ll be a happier man. The waters were always choppy, the wind was uproarious, and the food consisted of turtle soup. The the reason for the soup, of course, was that the poor creatures… Continue reading Season 1 — Episode 7: Stormy Seas and Stone Manors