Episode 5: Monetized Menus

         Oliver Lafayette had long been considered a patient man. He was one of the few in town that had gray hair, and one of the illustrious “main six” that citizens liked to reference when talking about the town’s history.          He was also the only professional chef in town. Oliver Lafayette          He had taken ownership of … Continue reading Episode 5: Monetized Menus

Season 4 — Episode 5: Mount Hyjal (Pt. 2)

  We continued on our trek, setting up at least four more traps before we reached the wooden pikes of the horde defensive. When we rode in, orc warriors rushed to the gates behind us, but we had put a good distance between us and the demons below. “Hail friends,” the chieftain Thrall said as … Continue reading Season 4 — Episode 5: Mount Hyjal (Pt. 2)